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Animals Rights education in primary schools

Are you a primary teacher? Have you taught issues regarding animal treatment?

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NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
1 31 Jul 2014
Good day to all!

I'm training to become a primary teacher and would like to hear from teachers who have taught about the treatment of animals within HSIE syllabus (particularly for stage 3).

1)   How did you link it to the syllabus?
2)   What resources did you use (and could you please direct me to them!)
3)   Please share stories you have had regarding children's responses and if you encountered any negative feedback from parents (or the community).

As a vegan, I have strong beliefs around the treatment of animals, but as a teacher I am obligated to provide students (who are often very fragile themselves) to open up and explore ALL possibilities and not have me just rant on about why we should never treat animals for our own means etc.

Have you struggled with this or are you able to separate yourself (enough) to provide balanced lessons that no so much focus on the particular issue but that focus on childen thinking CRITICALLY about everything?

Being a part of the development of critical thinkers of our next generation was one of the main reasons I decided to retrain.. and..

CRITICAL THINKERS act more rationally than people who aren't and maybe we'll have a somewhat more peaceful planet.
*wishful thinking*

Hope you're all safe and well.


justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
2 31 Jul 2014
hi nick,

matey the best thing i've ever seen by way of a teachers resource is available at ThinkKind ...

fantastic stuff, great NFP organisation staffed by professional teachers ( volunteers ).

the material is beautiful, free downloads, and much more.

JD, my kid, used ThinkKind stuff to get her Kindness club up and happening at her old school and is currently  using the same to set up the same for her new school .

ThinkKind rounds out their package with a fantastic support for school based Kindness clubs.

Their material can support students at all levels of engagement,,,,from mildly curious, to animal rights, to animal welfare, to pet care, to knowing your meat, to full on card carrying vegans on a mission.

Before ThinkKind there was this problem with introducing the topics to primary school age longer!

ThinkKind is a teachers, parents and kids friend.

I urge all animal carers to get to know ThinkKind and in doing so, understand that the all important message is indeed getting out to little kids.

Thank you for raising this issue here.

JD's dad
for JD

( she'd tell you the same - but in 11 year old speak - she is currently at school, then netball, then mathletics - and this parent is curtailing her online animal rights activities for the interim )

Kalici Kalici ACT Posts: 5
3 1 Aug 2014
Maybe use politics, law and law reform as your syllabus criterion; we could do with more compassionate government officials and this might just inspire these young impressionable minds.

justdaisy justdaisy WA Posts: 74
4 3 Aug 2014
this is what i'm talking about!

***a big shout out to Primary Ethics

this is the best news those of us with a problem with school scripture classes in state schools have had in a long time.

school scripture does zero to stop cruelty to animals - infact school scripture classes as good as say 'do what you want to animals, they are gods gift to you'.

school scripture classes have been around for too long - and they've done jack shit to support animals by teaching appropriate ethics...

so now, a heap of us are calling for them to get out of the way and let some real ethics be taught to the kids.

what do you think?  

JD's dad

NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
5 26 Nov 2014
So for taking such a long time to reply. I've been very snowed under. Thanks so much for the information. I can't wait to check it all out and put it into practice.

All the best,