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Another Petition to sign - Whale and Dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands.

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strutty strutty QLD Posts: 87
1 5 Dec 2009  - thats an article with a bit of info about this atrocity   - and the petition link. (Its in the article anyways incase this doesnt work for whatever reason).

Please sign!!! This practice should have died out with the dinosaurs.  angry furious

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon VIC Posts: 291
2 5 Dec 2009
not meaning to be a smartie pants but when the dinosaurs were alive, there were no whales and dolphins and definatley no people to kill them tongue
but i signed it tongue
and i thought only indonesia killed whales sad

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
3 6 Dec 2009
SIGNED !! <-- this video is really disturbing. its starts of with a slide show and then videos. its really graphical but i thought if people see this maybe they would be more then likely to sign the petition.
its really sad, made me cry ..