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Well firstly, I am joining because I have come by this site on a few occasions and I do not cease to wonder, how you gauge your counter.

If you go out and physically save an animal from a battery, or give it a home; this kind of makes sense.

But for me... the whole idea isn't 'how many animals have been saved', but the quality of life of those that live. Especially considering the Vege Impact on the global market, would infact cause less of these Animals to be born // via lessening demand.

And if it really did take hold, with a varying influx of Vegeism, the instability to the meat industries would mean over stocking most of the time.. and a heap of that stuff would go to waste.

Though wasted are most lives consumed by these naive.. hysterical... bamboozles. :p

And secondly I am doing a Project Essay, which contains a large section about Labeling and whether a food or product label can be trusted enough, to Label ones self from. So am seeking sources, which cite the loop holes in Australia.

Which brings me lastly to 'Do you eat animals?', there should be an 'other' section, where one can specify. I don't want to be caged by 4-options, especially when they are to state who or what I am.

Vegetarian as I understand it, is abstaining from meat... and products which require the death of an animal (including by-products of this process). i.e. Leather and Fur. Does eat dairy but no eggs (Lacto-Vegatarian), or vice versa (Ovo-Vegetarian). Or both (Lacto-Ovo-Vegatarian). And Vegan, which avoids even silk or honey.

But eating fish I hear sometimes accepted by both, as a preference. Yet I eat no meats for the moment (seeing as far as I can get//though I never really ate much in general so I should do fine, eating lots of other things), no egg, dairy or fish; and seek constantly to avoid anything with animal in it.

I still wear my leather shoes I bought a couple of years back, and polish them up when I can. But avoid buying anything animal like that, and if I did by over-sight or accident, would take it back/move it on, as a matter of principle.

Oh an I still have honey. Most organic products include it... and I mean.. if Cleopatra apparently loved the Humble Bee esp. used a vibrator tube filled with bees *oh the battery is flat. I am totally fine, using the honey of the wild traveling beeeee. But really I don't need to justify it, just is something I do.. for the meantime. (not the tube thing).

Plus I have been playing this Pirates, Vikings and Knights II online thing and am kinda totally into it.. so.. drinking Mead (honey.spiced.liquor) and listening to Viking & Pirate metal is a common occurrence. Am currently trying out agave though.

So I don't know.. these words shouldn't be used flippantly.. they are quite strict and formed with precise meanings and devotions.. and were initially very closely tied to ahimsa or 'non-harming'.. and I know little about any of these -isms.. why label yourself at all?

You either follow the doctrine rigidly.. a dietary fixation and holding a conscience about ecosystems doesn't by default make you either or anything. It is like saying "Oh you beleive in God.. you are a christian then.. oh you don't? You are agnostic" Which God exactly? There are plenty of them which have been conceived in the minds of many. God unfortunately is the word we use, to describe any celestial figure.. or power// influence. Christians choose not to name those, so settle upon God. But I use the word "Christians" loosely, as so many over the years have joined the doctrine.. alike a "Vegan", not known what it even is. So how can I know what it is, when the people choose to label themselves for so many varying reasons, motives and lackings of self.

Some are devote to that concept of specific sense or individual thing. But has this much to do with my self? When I am a self who prefers to observe the world.. and think free of mind.

I am not in the market for a religion. But it is always nice to see people exercise common sense. Which I feel holds compassion and empathy at the core of things, just because it does.. maybe an insight into the vulnerability of people.. maybe a sense of the strength and qualms of our (human or beings, I suppose) vast and expansive sub-species (plural).

So for now, in this context, circumstance or frame of thought, these concepts and ideas... may be swirling around about my head. Or synthesize about me.

Secondly should mention I left school to write poetry.
Encase you read any of my more involving posts

  • Also there should be a 'I Don't Leaflet Badge', just for me orcawhale
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