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Fave Food: risoto Fave Music: John Butler, lep zep, jimmy hentics, fat boy slim, (old cold play) , Jeff Buckly, Wombats, temper trap, boy and bear ,Seal.... man the list can just keep goiong- all of it Fave Animal: dog and frogs What's Hot: animals that foerver give you joy. What's Not: anyone who votes Liberal


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[email protected]

Heya im James, 25yrs-

wanting to do good things on this earth and look after its beautiful inhabitions (not so much humans, sorry to say, except for the good ones- caring about important stuff- nott Justin Beaver or Paris Hiton want =-to-bes)

In the process of becoming veg.

Over animals being hurt, killed , murdered by stupid humans, for stupid humans to gore on or get their rocks off (even more sad) when there are other nutritional values in other food types without the death of an animal. How could an animal keep in the same, small, dirty, abusive env't (a cage or pen) be a healthy organism to eat???

Apart from that- any animal being hurt.... can't stand, not worth going into =- makes my blood rage...

As I say to my friends (that get less and less each year, due to their inability to put two and two together- re animal cruelty/eating them and the env't- the importance of looking after these two functions that provide so much for humans) " i would rather been eaten by a shark surfing than killed by a human- for a shark is only doing what is natural and instinctive but for a human knows exactly what they are doing"

Love my dogs, frogs (that really piss off the neighbours!! Hope they don't chuck a poisons bait/liquid in and kill them- again moronic humans not getting the point that frogs are the indicator to a healthy ecosystem),  possums, all animals and insects really (a part from cats left outside at night!!- again humans fault.

Really over stupid dumb humans who don't get it- be nice to talk and engage with like minded plp!!
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