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Dizzy Loves All Beings
Awards Vegan Action Team Member

Screen Name: Dizzy Loves All Beings Joined: 19 December 2011 Location: Thailand Recruits: 0 Lives Saved: 4,046

Pop Quiz

Fave Food:

Cherries, berries, and mangoes

Fave Music:

Songs of ☮peace☮♥love♥ and ✿vegan✿{}hugs{}

Fave Animal:

Any with a pulse

What's Hot:

My Friends. Truth, barefooting, nudism, living naturally, and most importantly HUG & CUDDLES GREEN LIVING

What's Not:

People who eat or otherwise exploit and abuse my friends. Plastic, razors, TV


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Dizzy Loves All Beings

Dreamer, visionary, not one who follows societal norms, but then if the world is crazy, why should I?

Seeker of uncommon knowledge. Alchemist. Free AND critical thinker.  Much desiring to meet/network with others who've also decided to follow this path.  I've been a long time vegetarian and sometimes vegan for over 20 years but only came to my senses about FULL ethical vegan awareness last year (2010).

I usually live in tropical Thailand.  The good news for everybody is that FRESH raw tropical fruits are cheap over here! Would really like to meet other kindred spirits if you're coming to Asia. There is no better place to be a  fruity vegan than Thailand... So who wants to come and visit/live here??? Let's build a community of love love


Why I'm Vegan:

MEAT IS MURDER, now you may think there is no harm in consuming milk or eggs but besides the harm to YOUR HEALTH but...    (click on the links below to view)


Do You Drink Milk? 28 Things You Should Know:
Milk The Deadly Poison WATCH THIS!!!:
Milk Comes From Grieving Mothers - Truth About Organic Dairy:


Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery:
Chick Murder (If you're not vegan you need to view it, if you're already vegan don't watch the end I skipped the last few seconds of it as I don't want it in my brain):


Earthlings - Full Documentary (95 minutes):

Relationship Status:

Straight, available, open and poly-friendly. I'm only looking for long-term friendships and/or relationships with broad-minded and principled people.

Start a raw community of Love, support and Healing in Thailand so JUST LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE READY TO VISIT OR PARTICIPATE!  Let's build a VEGAN family!!!

To teach anyone that will listen

Interests (outside of raw vegan food):

I am a naturist/nudist as well - the weather if you visit here is warm enough so that you'll certainly be comfortable. Newbies are most welcome to visit but it's good idea if you understand more about it, and sincerely would like to participate before coming. Also I recommend you watch:

What is Nudism?:
16yr old naturist interviewed about nudism:
The Naturist Society - Interview with Amanda
The Naturist Society - Interview with Doug:
The Naturist Society - Interview with Karen:
The Naturist Society - Interview with Scott:

And animals(of course), art, fasting, living simply, homeschooling/unschooling, growing my own food, magnetism, natural energy, permaculture, music, solar gazing, sacred geometry, spring water & MOST IMPORTANTLY HUGGING AND LOVING people:

Free Hugs Campaign Official Page:
Free Hugs Campaign in Venezuela:
from Leo Buscaglia(circa 1980) who has been inspirational:
(watch all 10 of this set) Ask me to send you the free hugging ebook too, I'll need an email address from you of course.

I'm rather fond of reading/studying about heath and wellness topics. My thinking goes WAY beyond food.
I strongly believe that natural living encompasses much more than what you eat (though this is your single most important action). A more holistic approach to life and health is in order.

Favorite Books:

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko - stresses the importance of adding greens to one's diet

Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy - about the life and insights (esp. re. water) of Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) long before Daniel Vitalis came on the scene.

Sex At Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. & Cacilda Jethá, M.D. - BEST book on human relationships/sexuality yet produced.

Anything else about health/longevity/natural living.

Favorite Quotes:
"Those who say it cant be done shouldn’t interrupt the one doing it"

"If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything"

Don't believe what I say, but BELIEVE WHAT I DO!!


Spiritual soul but not NOT religious about it.

I`m TOTALLY about living simply healthy and naturally, anything that is congruent with that - you could say I`m a "Natural Naturist". I see raw eating as one aspect of trying to live in the most natural and eco-friendly manner possible, which entails so many other things such as avoiding chemicals and other negative aspects of modern consumerist living.

Who I'd Like to Communicate With/Meet:

I used to live there so anyone from the Pacific Northwest Canada/US. Anyone interested in healthy eating and simple natural living is more than welcome to contact me as well as anyone living in or wanting to live in or visit tropical Thailand...


I'm considering a trip to Australia during 2012. Given the costs of flying I'm especially desiring friendship with those who can host me along the journey or any other sponsorship. broccoli
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