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Screen Name: Fish Joined: 16 May 2012 Location: VIC Recruits: 1 Lives Saved: 958

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Fave Food: Stuff that's fits in my mouth and doesn't hurt animals. Fave Music: Whatever is the theme song to the current anime I'm watching Fave Animal: Betta Splendens What's Hot: Staring at my fishies and unleashed! What's Not: Seafood, almost puked when I thought their was fish in the sauce I was eating. In actual fact there was only a possible chance that it contains traces.


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Bill to your left

My beautiful animal family
1 dog
Odie- the hairy Mcclairy look alike. They certainly don't act alike though!
Four Guinea Pigs
Puffball- the fearless pig
Conoby- the bossy one
Astia- the shy one
Belle- Well, she's just Belle
Two Siamese fighters
Johnny- A wounded warrior, from trying to get to thr other side of the tank through a divider. This worked very well for him. He now has the entire tank to himself. He is also very curious. (A metal pole? What is this???)
Bill- A fearless fighter. 'Come at me bro' he says. He also find the metal pole very interesting.
7 neon tetras- they are so cute!
Tofu and Tempeh- the two albino corydora catfish. They spend their life eating, sleeping and zipping around like mad men.
3 baby snails- They just magically appeared in my tank. Probably from a live plant I put in there. They are so tiny and cute!
Two guppies- Ichigo and Sanji. They have the most beautiful colours and take it in turn to follow each other around.
Their is also assorted spiders that enjoy the comforts of our abode.
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