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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegetarian Action Team Member Recruiter Socialite

Screen Name: littlemisstofu Joined: 20 August 2009 Location: QLD Recruits: 5 Lives Saved: 693

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Fave Food: Anything on a plate in front of me...except of course dead flesh. Fave Music: P!nk, KT Tunstall, Mika, ABBA!!!!XD Fave Animal: doggies, tigers, horses, elephants and pigs. What's Hot: People who care. What's Not: People who don't


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Hellooooo...! banana

Real name: Chloe
Age: 15
Vego 'cos: well...why wouldn't ya be!
Nutty about: Dr Who, the Simpsons, Little Britain, P!nk & Tofu!!
Animals: Ebony the mad Cocker Spaniel & Fudge the awesome mouse!
Other stuff: I play guitar and my fav subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Japanese and History!!! (I am a HUGE nerd!)
Goals: over the next couple of years I want to get into uni and go vegan!

Peace out!!!

Oh yeah... and just like everyone else here... i want to make a difference. pig
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