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Squaawk  -  The Voice
Awards Vegan Action Team Member Recruiter Socialite

Screen Name: Squaawk - The Voice Joined: 5 December 2010 Location: Ethiopia Recruits: 6 Lives Saved: 1,079

Squaawk - The Voice


We run a non-profit group  which is the voice for all animals. With  the science background, our approach is to use science and biology as the backbone while combining it with education.

Squaawk is a broad group which uses a variety of ways to reach out to the public and spread awareness in animal issues including:

- animal rights
- animal exploitation
- wildlife conservation
- wildlife issues
- responsible pet ownership issues
- breeding & pet shops vs. shelters

Some of the work Squaawk is currently involved in:

- educational talks for primary & secondary schools
- community talks at local centers
- informing the public on current animal rights &  
 conservation issues
- informing the public on what help/support they can make.
(we advocate and campaign for all sorts of animal rights, animal
 welfare & conservation organizations)

As strong advocates for animal ethics Squaawk was formed after years of frustration and disgust on the lack of education that the public hold on the issues we cover.  it ceases to amaze us at the lack of respect and appreciation that humans have towards the rest of the animal kingdom. Neglect, ignorance abuse, disrespect, indifference and lack of education continues continues to thrive on this planet, allowing the rest of animals to continue sitting in the backseat, despite being on this planet millions of years before us.

There is nothing more peaceful than experiencing the simple joy an animal can offer. Id give up everything if it meant giving the planet back to the animal kingdom (no humans) allowing them to just live their lives free from interruption or interference.
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