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Have an Australia Day Party!

Have an Australia Day Party!

If you're like us you're probably already salivating in anticipation of BBQ-on-the-beach-with-your-mates-day on January 26th. But have you thought about what to throw on the barby this year?

While Scam Kekovich and his meat-head posse from MLA try to convince us that the best way to celebrate Australia Day is to sacrifice fluffy white lambs, we have to stop and ask ourselves — is this really 'Australian'? You be the judge...

Too bloody right Simon! Meat eating is not only destroying the planet (which — hello — includes Australia), but it also supports industries that routinely mutilate and kill millions of animals every year. Not cool. So grab a drink/stubby cooler, beach towel and copious latherings of sunscreen and then grab your mates for a real Australia Day feast! Here are a few meat-free faves to get the party started:

top 5 reasons not to wear leather:
  1. Meat eating is seriously hurting the planet. And Australia is part of the planet.
  2. Koalas are made of meat.
  3. Aussies love to help the underdog, and there's no underdog in greater need of help than the millions of voiceless animals who suffer inside factory farms every year. Meaning? Don't eat the underdog.
  4. Vegetarians are on average 20% slimmer than meat eaters. Lose those unwanted KG's and help save Australia from having the dubious title of "world's fattest nation" by cutting the corpses from your diet.
  5. Because species extinction sucks, and Australia has the highest rate of species extinction on the planet — thanks to the devastating impact of livestock production.
  6. Because awesome Aussies like Daniel Johns, Greg Chappel, Missy Higgins, Toni Collette, Lindsay McDougall, and Xavier Rudd are all vegetarians.
  7. Because rotting flesh is actually really gross.
  8. Undercooked veggie burgers won't give you food poisoning.
  9. Animals are smart. Lambs can learn their own name, pigs can play computer games, and cows babysit for each other and have been known to hold grudges.
  10. Because it's not called meatmite!