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Did you know that you can buy Unleashed merch and help animals at the same time? Sweet huh? The more you buy (or add to your Chrissie wish list), the more funds we raise to fight animal cruelty. So go nuts for the animals — and get shopping!

Xmas Specials

2011 Calendar $26 Seeded Cards $8 Unleashed
Gift Pack $27

NEW STUFF! :) Check out these awesome gift cards embedded with live seeds! Plant them, water them, watch them grow!!


Adopt a bobby calf $43 Adopt a lamb $35 Adopt a piglet $43 Adopt a chick $17

Can you give a home to one of our adorable adoptive plush animals? Every adoption comes with a "My future is in your hands" neck tag plus an adoption certificate, which tells you about the animal you are 'adopting' and how your support helps those animals in need.

Most Popular

Badge pack $6 Drink
cooler $7
Sticker pack $3
pack $20
Causeband $5 Soy candle $22 Lip balm $10


Lots of designs and styles available! Check out our latest additions:

Various tees: $25 - $40

Books and DVDs

Vegan cupcakes
take over the
world $30
Animals' $36
Striking at
the Roots $35
DVD $25

Thank You!

Thank you for shopping unleashed, and helping us fight animal abuse and create a kinder world for all living beings. Have an ace Christmas, from everyone at Unleashed!