Meet Lucy!

Lucy is the very first of her kind — a purpose-made, larger than life pig ambassador whose sole mission is to raise awareness about factory farming and end the suffering of her friends who are being raised for food.

Most animals raised for food in Australia spend lives of misery confined in factory farms, where extreme acts of cruelty (such as painful surgical procedures without pain relief) are legal and routine. These animals are denied the protection of animal cruelty laws that protect dogs and cats -- despite the fact that farmed animals suffer and feel pain in exactly the same way as other animals. That's why Lucy has taken it upon herself to speak out for the millions of voiceless animals who suffer behind closed doors of factory farms.

During December she will embark on her inaugural mission — to visit supermarkets in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart — and show supermarket managers and customers alike that pigs are smart, social animals who deserve our compassion. Follow her adventure on her Facebook fan page!

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Lucy Pig, Australia’s very first dedicated porcine factory-farming campaigner, is now on Facebook! Visit her official fan page to share and leave a comment on the campaign...