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The Investigation

An investigation into one of Australia's largest chicken meat producers has revealed routine and shocking animal abuse. Every year in Australia 488 million chickens endure brutally short and cruel lives inside factory farms. Animals Australia's investigation video shows baby birds suffering from heart disease, lameness, thirst, starvation and trampling inside a shed packed with over 40,000 birds.

Aussies hate animal cruelty, which is why the big chicken meat companies are trying to hide the suffering they are causing by using confusing labels like ‘cage free’ and ‘free to roam’. Don't be duped — cages are never used in broiler facilities! The reality is that chicken meat from all major brands — including Steggles and Inghams — comes from cruel factory farms.

Please help to shine a light on the hidden cruelty of chicken farming by exploring this page, and taking action for chickens.