from puppy factory to freedom

These dogs grew up to know only suffering, but now they’re free and discovering what it means to really ‘live’ for the first time! Watch their rescue story and join us to free all dogs from puppy factories... Help dogs now

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Help shut downpuppy factories

Q. What percentage of puppies in pet shops come from puppy factories?

Test your knowledge by dragging the slider until it reaches the percentage of puppies in pet stores you think might come from puppy factories, then click 'GUESS' to reveal the answer and learn more about puppy factories.

Help shut down puppy factories

No sky. No walkies. No belly rubs. No bed. This was life for the dogs at Pyramid Hill puppy factory — day in and day out. Until they were freed with the help of Animals Australia and RSPCA Victoria.

Without laws to stop puppy factories, other facilities just like this one continue to abuse dogs across Australia. Their puppies are sold to pet stores or online. These dogs need rescuing too.

You can be their saviour by pledging to adopt your next furry family member from a shelter rather than buying from a pet store. Not only will you make a stand against the cruelty of puppy factories, you will save a life too!

Pledge to help dogs!

Thousands of people have already pledged to help end puppy factories. Are you in?

“When I decide to bring a furry best friend into my home I pledge to save a life by adopting a needy animal from a shelter, rather than supporting puppy factories or the overbreeding crisis by buying from a pet store or breeder.” Sign the pledge

Help shut downpuppy factories

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Help shut downpuppy factories

Imagine if you could gain a new best friend, save a life — AND help shut down puppy factories...

The great news is: you can.

By choosing to adopt rather than buy, you can save animals like ‘Joan’, ‘Celine’, ‘Ella’ and ‘Prudence’ from a life of misery in a puppy factory by helping to eliminate the market for these cruel facilities. Adopting also means rescuing a dog or cat from becoming a sad statistic: one of the hundreds of thousands of healthy but unwanted companion animals needlessly euthanised each year in Australia.

Be a hero to your next four-legged best friend by heading to Pet Rescue, or contacting your local animal shelter or rescue group (the list of Animals Australia member societies is a great place to start).


Help create a kinder
world for animals

Without the generosity of donors, Animals Australia’s investigation into Pyramid Hill puppy factory would never have been possible. With your support we can achieve even more. If you believe all animals deserve protection from cruelty, please give generously today. Your kind donation will support critical ongoing campaigns and investigations to expose and end animal abuse.

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