Bus Ads Rejected in QLD & WA

Animals Australia's priority is to ensure the greatest possible number of people are exposed to the hidden truth of factory farming. For this reason, bus advertisements were destined to appear in all state capitals.

We were shocked to learn that Brisbane and Perth rejected both of our bus ad designs, citing that the images of animals raised in factory farms were 'too distressing' for commuters.

That the sight of standard farming practices are considered too upsetting, whilst the majority of Australians still unwittingly purchase products that have come from factory farms speaks volumes of the disconnect between what governments will permit through lack of animal welfare laws, and the expectations and conditions that the Australian public will accept.

Despite being unable to get these images directly to the public in QLD and WA, radio ads speaking up for factory farmed animals will still air on B105 in Brisbane, and FM94.5 in Perth.