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In the past month, not one... but two major Woolworths' suppliers in Tasmania have been exposed for extreme animal cruelty. One - egg producer Glen Peter Balke of Sun Valley Poultry - was last week convicted for, amongst other things, leaving so many dead birds in cages to rot that the surviving birds could not stand properly amongst the corpses. And the other - Gary Oliver of Winnaleah piggery - will go to court at the end of June, for... well you can see for yourself. Warning: this is some very disturbing footage.

Sadly, much of the cruelty seen in this footage - pregnant sows locked in cramped barren cells where they can't turn around or even lie down comfortably - is legal and is standard practice on factory farms.

But to make things worse the sick and injured animals at this farm had obviously been neglected and left to suffer terribly. Investigators found starving pigs with leg wounds so severe that they could not stand to reach food or water. One dying pig had even been left to die with a large untreated shoulder wound - rotting and infested with hundreds of maggots.

Now you'd think with such shocking cruelty Woolworths would drop the supplier immediately. But No! Woolworths has given Mr Oliver a slap on the wrist, asked him to do better and they are now back to business as usual.

As far as we're concerned, that's not good enough. Nobody who leaves a pig to be eaten alive by maggots or leaves live birds in a tiny wire cage with dead rotting cage-mates should ever be paid to 'look after' animals! ... EVER!

Please let Woolworths know what you think about their support of cruel factory farms. Click here to send comments to their feedback form, or call them on 1300 767 969.

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