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This little chick needs your voice!

Have you ever wondered why some people choose not to buy eggs? Well this is a life-or-death question for millions of day-old boy chicks.

Because they are too 'scrawny' for the meat industry and too 'male' to lay eggs, over 10 million boy chicks hatched by the Australian egg industry are discarded as 'waste products' every year. Considered economically 'useless' these baby birds are gassed to death or ground up alive on the first day of their lives.

Their cries may be silenced -- but yours doesn't have to be! Here's two ways you can 'cheep' for the chicks today:

  1. 'Like' & comment this vid on YouTube so more people will see it:

    Watch this short video
  2. Copy and paste this to your Facebook status for the day:

    Have you ever wondered what happens to all the boy chicks hatched for the egg industry? In Australia 10 million+ baby boy birds are gassed or ground up alive every year just 'cause they'll never lay eggs :(

Once you've spoken up for chicks, don't forget to reward your good work with a delicious egg-free treat, like vegan pancakes!

A little note: We believe this video was filmed outside Australia, however the practice of killing day-old male chicks is routine throughout commercial egg industries the world over. Different countries have slightly different ways of 'disposing' of chicks. In Australia, chicks are commonly gassed, or ground up alive in a 'macerator'. Tragically this is completely legal in Australia and occurs for all egg systems including cage eggs and free range. Wanna know more? Click here.

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