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Meet Jacob. He is a gentle steer from Western Australia. Sold into the live export trade by his owner, his life took a drastic turn for the worse the minute he stepped foot on a ship bound for Egypt.

Jacob had done nothing wrong. Yet his eyes were repeatedly stabbed, his leg tendons slashed and his throat hacked whilst fully conscious. He didn't deserve this.

Fates like this are suffered by many of the millions of Australian animals that are sold into the live export trade every year.

Thankfully, thousands of people have called for justice for Jacob. Our political leaders have been flooded with emails calling for an end to live export. Now, it's your chance to help get the message through loud and clear.

Here's how: Post a picture of Jacob to the Prime Minister. For the cost of a postage stamp, you can physically put this important issue in front of Kevin Rudd.

Click on the link below and print off the personalised letter to Mr Rudd. Sign your name at the bottom and post it to the PM so that she knows how important this issue is to young Australians, like you.

Download the letter to the PM here.

Sign it. And then post it to:

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

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