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There comes a time for every student where they will be confronted with a science experiment involving the dissection of an animal. But did you know that you do not have to participate if you don't want to? Yep, dissection is not compulsory in any Australian education department. And why would it be? It is outdated and unnecessary.

Dissection was introduced into schools in the 1920s. Think about how much has changed since then. If we still did education like we did back then, kids would be getting the cane and learning the box step.

Millions of animals are killed for classroom science experiments every year in Australia but research has shown that students who use computer simulations learn just as well, if not better, than those who dissect a real animal. Dissection should be a thing of the past, and in fact, it already is in some places. Argentina banned dissection in schools way back in 1987.

So here's what to do if you don't feel comfortable with dissection:

  1. Do your research: There's no better way to show your teacher you are serious about not wanting to cut up animals than to offer some ideas of alternatives that you can do. So check out Humane Research Australia for an up-to-date list of alternatives to dissection:
  2. Talk to your teacher: Politely tell them that you won't be taking part in the experiment. Offer to do an assignment of equal weighting that does not use animals. It can often make this conversation easier if you can make some suggestions of alternatives -- which is where step 1 comes in handy ;)
  3. Talk to your class mates about why you are not participating. They might feel the same way as you do about using animals but not know that they can refuse. Get a group of you to approach your teacher together to talk about why you feel using animals is unnecessary and suggest other options for future class experiments.

Want to take more action against dissection? Get in touch with your Minister for Education and let them know why you think it is unnecessary and out-dated to use dissection in schools and universities. Click here for the contact details of the Minister in your state.

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