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Did you know that Australia has more little furry friends than there loving homes for them to go to? That means around 23 animals are euthanised every hour in Australia :( So where are all these animals coming from? Other animals, of course.

The simplest thing you can do to help prevent overpopulation is to get your companion animals desexed. However, many dogs and cats who are surrendered to shelters or pounds have not been desexed. Why? The most common answers are that it seemed too expensive or it was not considered important.

Well, the National Desexing Network (NDN) has solved the cost problem. For the whole month of July they are offering cheaper desexing for cats and dogs. How cool is that?

And now you can help with the second objection by spreading the word about why desexing your companion animal is so important.

Here’s what you can do: choose one of the pictures below and post it to your facebook wall, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace (if you’re still living in the 2000s), stick it to your forehead, share it any way you like.

By sharing the benefits of desexing, and letting people know that they can get it done cheaply this month, you can help to encourage people to get their companion animals desexed (if they haven’t done so already). You will help to prevent overpopulation and save lives :)

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