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Action Alert

Right now, we have a small window of opportunity to give animals a very real seat in Parliament. And it’s your voice that can make the difference.

“It’s really important that we get you engaged in any way we can.”


Who’s Kev talking to? You. Our new Prime Minister is imploring young Australians to engage in politics. He’s got himself a Facebook and a Twitter and he’s learnt how to take 'selfies' so that he can “rock around” with the youth of Australia.

This is great news! This means that now, more than ever, young people have the opportunity be heard by the Australian government. So what do we want?

Our current political system has failed animals for decades. We still have 500 million animals confined in cruel factory farms; we still subject animals to the horror of live export; and we still allow dairy calves to be trucked across country with no food for 30 hours. For too long, animal welfare has been in the hands of Agriculture Ministers -- the people who are responsible for protecting animals are also answerable to the ones who profit from industrialised animal cruelty. How are animals ever going to be heard with a system like this?

There is one initiative on the cards that would change everything. It has a very boring name but presents a very shiny glimmer of hope for animals. It’s called the Independent Office of Animal Welfare (IOAW). The IOAW would be an authority, separate from agriculture bodies, dedicated to animal welfare policy, science and law. The interests of animals would no longer have to compete with the commercial interests of the agriculture industry.

The IOAW is already a part of Labor Party policy but it hasn’t made it onto the election agenda yet. PM Rudd and his Ministers are right now determining what policies they will take to the election so now is the time to make sure the IOAW is one of them.

Kevin Rudd needs to know that young Australians support the plan for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

So here’s what you can do:

Get tweeting! Use the public forum of Twitter to show that you support an #IOAW and call on the Prime Minister to get it on the agenda –

Tweet this:

Remove the conflict of interest with an independent voice for animals @KRuddMP #IOAW #IndependentOfficeAnimalWelfare

Don’t have Twitter?

You can reach the Prime Minister:
on Facebook (
or Instagram (
or by email (

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