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Struggling to survive in a harsh winter, begging for scraps of food ... the life of a homeless dog in the Russian city of Sochi is not an easy one. And, sadly, it's becoming even harder and more dangerous.

As the 2014 Winter Olympics approach, authorities in the host city have employed a 'pest control' company to manage the 'catching and disposing' of dogs in the city.

Describing the dogs as 'biological trash', the company's owner said they would likely be killed with poison or traps.

This mass cull comes after Sochi City Hall decided to publicly abandon plans for a similar scheme last year, in response to public outrage – promising to send the dogs to a shelter. But local animal advocates say that the Olympic killing program is only an excuse to continue an ongoing slaughter in which hundreds of dogs are killed each month, and that the humane solution is a properly managed de-sexing program.

Sochi Olympic Organizing Committee has distanced itself from the cruel killings, claiming that dogs would be taken to a 'special shelter' -- yet according to advocates there is no evidence an appropriate shelter has been established, and the slaughter is continuing.

With the world's eyes on the city, it's time to send the message that – far from homeless dogs being an embarrassment to Russia – it's animal cruelty that is truly shameful, and that showing kindness and compassion is the best example a country can set.

Tell the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee that you don't support this cruel cull!

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