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Action Alert

Did you know that live animal export makes up only a tiny fraction of Australia's exports? Yet, as you've seen, it's responsible for horrific cruelty to animals, time and time again.

The latest evidence of cruelty to come out of Gaza AGAIN shows that the Government can't guarantee that animals won't suffer brutal treatment in this trade:

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

But it doesn't have to be this way. With your help we will stop this terrible cruelty!

Your Member for Parliament (MP) is responsible for speaking on YOUR behalf. So ... they need to know that you care about Australian animals and that the live export trade just can’t continue if animals can't be protected from horrific treatment.

You can help save animals from a brutal fate by asking your MP to support an end to live export. And what better way to make your message stand out than with a handwritten letter?

Here's your mission:

  1. Click here to find your MP.
  2. Fetch out your old stationary kit.
  3. Tell your MP why you want to see live export banned. (As well as the animal cruelty, you can find some other handy facts here, and you might even like to print out this infographic to send with your letter.)
  4. Encourage your family members to add their name to your letter, or write one of their own to send with yours.
  5. Address it, stamp it and post it.

Thank you for being a strong voice for animals. You can encourage others to write to their MP as well by sharing this mission on Facebook or .

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