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This is what the meat industry describes as the 'most humane' way to kill pigs. If you don't eat animals, you might not need to see it, but you probably know someone who does. Scroll down to share this video.

WARNING: This video is distressing to watch.

Would you call this 'humane'? Would your friends call this 'humane'? Pigs were jabbed with an electric prod to load them into cages. They screamed and thrashed in terror as they were lowered into a gas chamber, before being killed. But it gets even more disturbing, because this footage is not from just any abattoir — it's from one considered to be the biggest and 'best' in Australia. And this same method is used to kill both free-range and factory farmed pigs in abattoirs across Australia (and around much of the world).

Everyone deserves to see this so that they can make informed choices about what, or who, they choose to eat. Like you, caring people would want to know what's happening to pigs behind closed doors.

Help get this into the hands of the people who need to see it most and inspire them to protect pigs from cruelty too.


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Send a thoughtful message to someone you think would want to know the truth and help pigs too. Write your own letter, or COPY, PASTE AND SEND THIS TO YOUR FRIEND: (don't forget to put your name at the bottom) Read the sample letter»

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