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Help get animal-tested products off the shelves!

There's nothing beautiful about cruelty

All in the name of 'beauty', millions of animals including rabbits, cats, dogs, and mice still suffer chemical burns to their skin and eyes, and are left to languish for days in testing laboratories around the world to assess the corrosiveness of new cosmetic products and ingredients. These tests are both cruel and unnecessary.

Help get animal-tested products off the shelves!

No one wants to think they are supporting animal testing when they use a face cream or put on makeup. But you might be surprised to learn that many popular brands in supermarkets and pharmacies in Australia have actually been tested on animals.

Testing cosmetics on animals does not take place in Australia. But this doesn't mean products being tested overseas are not being sent here for sale. Confusing for consumers and devastating for animals suffering in labs overseas.

The European Union and Israel have introduced legislation that will ban the sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals, no matter where they are produced. This ban has had a major effect on manufacturers who have had to stop their cruel testing methods in order to continue selling their products in Europe.

There is no reason why Australia can't follow their lead and support their policy by introducing a similar ban. Everyone -- Australians included -- should be able to shop for beauty products without the risk of supporting animal tests!

Please help urge the Australian Government to follow Europe and Israel's compassionate lead by banning the sale and import of animal tested cosmetics.

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