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Ask Spain to ban bullfighting

Ask Spain to ban bullfighting

Animals in bullfights have sharp sticks thrust into their back to weaken them and drain them of blood. They are then taunted by the matador for ‘entertainment’ until they are finally killed with a stab from the matador’s knife.

Ask Spain to ban bullfighting

Each year, the Running of the Bulls festival claims at least 48 victims – 6 per day over the week. These casualties aren't the people running, they aren't the bystanders, they are the bulls. For them, this festival is no reason for celebration.

Before the run, these usually docile animals are poked with electric prods and sharp instruments to provoke them into panic and aggression. They are then forced to run through the slippery cobblestone streets, pushed and shouted at by thousands of people who have come to see the 'spectacle'. What many who flock to Pamplona may not know, however, is that the run ends at the bullfighting arena, where these bulls will meet a gruesome death.

In bull 'fighting', the bull may be drugged and even have his neck muscles cut to give the matador an advantage. In the arena, men on horseback drive barbed sticks into his back, until he is weakened from exhaustion and loss of blood. Then the matador enters the ring. The bull continues be taunted until he collapses. Finally, the matador will attempt to kill him, by driving a blade into his heart.


Sadly, this gruesome tradition continues, largely, because it attracts tourists from all over the world, including Australia. Societies the world over are recognising that culture is no excuse for cruelty. In 2010, Catalonia became the first major region in Spain to ban bullfighting. In the lead up to the vote, the Catalonian government received thousands of emails and petitions in support of a ban, (including a great number from caring Unleashed members.)

Now you can help end cruelty to bulls in the rest of Spain. Tell the Spanish Office of Tourism that you won’t be visiting Spain while bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls continues. Use the form below to let them know that you do not support this cruel form of 'entertainment'.

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