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Dog abuse at Calstead Collies

A betrayal of trust

Collies are highly intelligent, sensitive and affectionate. They are working dogs who need exercise and stimulation. The worst thing you can do to a Collie is to deny her freedom. But to deny this loyal dog such basics as water, bedding and sunlight represents the greatest betrayal of trust.

Dog abuse at Calstead Collies

Did you know that Australian homes are the most likely in the world to welcome a dog? A dog's ability to brighten a day and show unconditional love is what makes them such cherished members of our families. And it's for that reason that Australians are so appalled when we witness dogs being treated cruelly.

As revealed on Today Tonight, Animals Australia was recently provided with evidence filmed at the premises of one of Australia's 'top' Collie breeders Calstead Collies in Victoria. What was shown in the videos was so terrible that the RSPCA was contacted immediately.

Information and evidence revealed that not only were the dogs not being exercised, many were being denied free access to water and bedding. The unluckiest were being kept in what can only be described as 'upright tombs' severely confined in individual pens with no access to fresh air or sunlight for long periods of time. Tragically some dogs were exhibiting stereotypical behaviour such as constant circling; indicating long term stress and anxiety.

The RSPCA, accompanied by inspectors from Casey Council, attended the property and issued several corrective actions. Despite follow up visits from both agencies, further evidence provided to Animals Australia revealed some dogs again confined in appalling conditions and still without free access to water. Casey Council and the RSPCA were again notified, with inspectors returning to the premises a number of times to ensure this situation was fixed. Photos posted by Calstead Collies since reveal that the facility has now been cleaned and new water containers were sighted in pens however concerns remain regarding dogs not being exercised and their overall quality of life.

Calstead Collies is a 25 year member of Dogs Victoria. Dogs Victoria members agree to follow a set of rules that among other things, states that dogs should be well housed, fed, given access to water and exercised. However, Dogs Victoria does not even send inspectors to make sure that their members are following these rules!

Please urge Dogs Victoria to suspend Calstead Collies' membership and send a strong message to their other members that they will not tolerate cruelty by their members.

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