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Bobby Calves Need Your Help!

700,000 Calves Need Your Help!

The dairy industry has struck a low by opposing changes that would reduce the horrific suffering of the baby calves that their industry 'disposes' of. Your help is needed!

Bobby Calves Need Your Help!

There's a good reason why soy milk has gained popularity in recent times. Awareness is growing about the dairy industry's tragic 'waste product' -- more than 700,000 discarded newborn calves, slaughtered every year. These calves need your help:

The dairy industry would prefer we weren't aware that cows don't automatically produce milk (that's right -- cows don't automatically produce milk!) Like all females, cows produce milk for their babies. To maintain high milk production, dairy cows must give birth every year. Newborn calves (called bobby calves) are separated from their distressed mothers so that the milk nature intended for them can be sold to humans. At just five days old, those calves not considered 'useful' (mostly males) are sent to be slaughtered. 

Bewildered baby calves are not easily moved and are therefore prodded, pushed and even thrown by frustrated handlers. Many are left without food for extended periods of time, and every year thousands of neglected calves die on trucks and in pens -- before they reach the slaughterhouse.

Your voice is needed! Please tell the dairy industry that you are outraged that they sentence over 700,000 baby calves to death every year as part of their 'normal operations', and that you won't support an industry that has such a blatant disregard for life.

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