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Don't take a dump on the wetlands!

Dump here? No way!

The endangered Painted Snipe is just one of the many bird species that call the Caley Valley Wetlands home. A new proposal would see these wetlands turned into a dumping ground for waste from the coal terminal expansion at Abbot Point. You can help make sure this doesn't happen by speaking out today.

Don't take a dump on the wetlands!

In a win for animals and our beloved reef, a plan to dump dredge sludge into the Great Barrier Reef was recently turned down by the Queensland Government.

BUT, the fight is not over yet, as the new dumping plans are almost as bad as the old ones. Queensland's Deputy Premier has now proposed to dump waste from the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion on or near the Caley Valley wetlands. These iconic wetlands are home to a number of threatened bird species and also play an important role in the health of the Great Barrier Reef by filtering the water running into it.

It was caring people like you who put a stop to the plans to dump on the reef and we can protect the Caley Valley wetlands and its animal inhabitants too! Use the form below to tell the decision makers that the wetlands are not a dump and they can take their sludge someplace else!

Take Action!

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We will send this letter to:
  • Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for the Environment
  • Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland
  • Stephen Miles, Queensland's Minister for Environment
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