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Petition to End the Cruel Canadian Seal Hunt

Every year on the Canadian ice floes hundreds of thousands of seals are brutally bashed to death or shot by hunters for their pelts. Hunters are permitted to kill seal pups when they start to moult their downy white fur at around 12-15 days. As a result many of the seals are only babies that haven't even eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim when they get a bullet through their skull or a club landing on their forehead. More »

Help strengthen Australia's voice for seals by signing the petition to the Canadian High Commissioner in Australia, Mr Michael Small



“We, the undersigned, call on the the Canadian High Commissioner in Australia to recognise the appalling cruelty of the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals for their fur on the Canadian ice floes every year, and to urge the Canadian Government to ban this brutal industry.”

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