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Save dogs from being killed for sport!

"Community dogs" rounded up and killed

Homeless dogs in Brazil are known as "community dogs", because they are often looked after by local people. In some areas it's illegal to catch street dogs and put them down. But that's exactly what's been reported happening in at least one city in the lead up to the World Cup.

Save dogs from being killed for sport!

Homeless dogs in Brazil are facing an uncertain future. As the World Cup kicks off, local officials appear to be on a mission to 'clean up the city' of Recife. In other words, there are reports that they've been catching and 'disposing of' homeless dogs :(

Sadly, these dogs should be protected by state law. In Recife, where five World Cup games will be played, homeless dogs can be desexed and returned to the streets but not killed. But it looks like kindness may have taken a back seat to football as locals have reported "community dogs" disappearing.

These cruel killings echo the mass dog cull in Sochi in the lead up to the Winter Olympics which generated outrage amongst animal lovers worldwide. As all eyes turn to Brazil for the World Cup, it's time to send a message that cruelty is not good sportsmanship and kindness to animals is what the world wants to see.

Ask the Minister for Tourism in Brazil to prevent the cruel slaughter of any more stray dogs.

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