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Save greyhounds from cruel export!

Help change the odds for greyhounds

Brooklyn is like any other young greyhound. Playful and affectionate, he might have been a great companion someday. Sadly, Brooklyn has been exported from Australia to race in Macau. There, if he is just not fast enough - he will be killed. Help improve Brooklyn's odds by calling for a ban on greyhound exports from Australia.

Save greyhounds from cruel export!

Brooklyn the greyhound is not even three years old. He spends every day kept in a cage with barely enough room to turn around. He doesn't get trips to the beach or the park. He doesn't get the chance to lick the postman to death. Instead he is let out of his cage just twice a day. Like hundreds of other Australian greyhounds, he has been exported to Macau (a region in China), where he has to race for his life. And that's no exaggeration - if he's injured, or if he's not fast enough - Brooklyn will be killed.

If your dog pulled your best jacket off the line - you wouldn't kill him. If he dug up dad's precious tomato plant - you wouldn't kill him. If he wasn't very fast - you wouldn't kill him. But that's exactly what they do at the Macau racing grounds, the Canidrome. At the Canidrome, dogs are killed if they fail to finish in the top 3 for 5 races in a row. In 2010, Australian greyhounds there were killed at a rate of more than 1 every day. Yet, Australian dogs are still sent to Macau to race!

The truth is racing is no dream life for greyhounds in Australia either. Like horse racing, if dogs aren't fast enough to win then the industry doesn't want them. A very small number of lucky dogs are rehomed. The rest are not so lucky: thousands of healthy dogs are killed, and perhaps an even worse fate awaits the rest -- to be exported to places like Macau -- which is exactly what happened to Brooklyn.

Greyhounds Australasia is fully aware of what's going on at the Canidrome. Despite this, they are still sending dogs there! What sort of message does that send? That Aussies are ok with dogs being locked up in tiny cages and killed if they can't make a buck?

Don't let that be the only message that's heard. Demand an end to the export of greyhounds! Tell your MP that greyhounds don't deserve that treatment - no matter how fast or slow they are.

UPDATE March 2014: Some good news for greyhounds! (And an important reason to make your voice heard today!)

Thanks to the determined work of animal advocates — especially our friends at GREY2K USA Worldwide — and the many thousands of Animals Australia supporters who have spoken out, Greyhounds Australasia has stopped issuing 'passports' to allow greyhounds to be sent to Macau for racing.

This decision could help spare hundreds of these naturally gentle and affectionate dogs from cruel export each year. But Greyhound Australasia's decision is not legally binding, and some Australian greyhounds are still being sent to Macau – either directly or via other countries. It's time for the Australian Government to take a stand and ban the export of greyhounds altogether. Take action below!

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