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Stop dumping on our reef!

This is not a dump!

Dredging digs up the sea bed, destroying the habitat of fish and molluscs and the seagrasses that creatures like turtles and dugongs depend upon for feed. The rate of turtle, dolphin and dugong deaths dramatically increased in Gladstone after dredging began in the Harbour in 2011.

Stop dumping on our reef!

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. The federal and Queensland Governments have approved a permit to dig up and dump 3 million tonnes of sludge from an expanding coal terminal at Abbott Point into the reef. This dredging will put huge pressure onto an already fragile marine ecosystem - and could kill countless animals. Only recently, an investigation was called into another dredging project in the Great Barrier Reef, at Gladstone Harbour, because of:

  • Mass deaths of marine animals, including turtles, dugongs and dolphins.
  • Countless fish washing up dead and diseased, and fishermen themselves getting sick.
  • Damage to the ecosystem in Gladstone Harbour, which has still not recovered from the impact of the dredging. Dumping dredge 'spoil' kicks up sediment, smothering coral and sea grass in the area and damaging the environment that fish, molluscs and other marine animals depend on to survive.

How can another dredging permit be granted in the Great Barrier Reef when an earlier project is still under investigation?

The decision to dump more dredged sand and silt into Great Barrier Reef waters could cause immeasurable suffering for animals and push the reef even closer to the World Heritage List's 'wall of shame.' In June 2013, the United Nation's environmental arm gave the Australian government a 12-month deadline to show that they were improving the health of the reef. Instead, it appears that they're doing the exact opposite.

Your voice is needed to protect our reef and the animals who call it home! Help send a strong message that the community does not support dredging and dumping in reef waters at Abbot Point. Use the form below to tell Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt; Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman and Queensland’s Minister for Environment, Andrew Powell, that you won't let them treat our reef like a garbage dump.

Take Action!

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We will send this letter to:
  • Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for the Environment
  • Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland
  • Andrew Powell, Queensland's Minister for Environment
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