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There is no excuse for killing whales! TAKE ACTION!

Whales don't deserve this

Whales who are hunted are often chased to the point of exhaustion before they are shot. The exploding harpoons used by whale hunters don't always kill them straight away and they may be harpooned multiple times before they are dragged, wounded and bleeding, onto whaling ships.

There is no excuse for killing whales! TAKE ACTION!

A huge win for whales was celebrated recently when Japan was ordered by the International Court of Justice to stop "scientific" whaling in the Antarctic. However, this doesn't stop Japan from killing whales in other waters. Just last month Japan began "research hunts" in the Pacific Ocean -- killing 30 minke whales.

But here's the thing … you don't have to kill whales to learn about them. In fact, scientists are already learning much more about whales without harming them at all. The reality is that the word "science" is used to disguise the truth -- this is an industry slaughtering whales for their flesh.

Japan is not the only country that still takes part in cruel and unnecessary whaling. Iceland and Norway both object to the ban on commercial whaling and continue to hunt whales for their meat. Norway has already killed 603 whales this year and Iceland plans to kill up to 383 whales in 2014.

There is no humane way to kill a whale and their size means they suffer even more. Hunters use exploding harpoons to shoot these gentle giants. But often a single harpoon will not kill a whale. She may be shot several times and can struggle for minutes or even up to an hour before dying from her wounds.

Your help is needed to end this brutal slaughter. Urge the Australian-based ambassadors for Norway, Iceland and Japan to ask their home countries to stop needlessly killing whales. Use the form below to send a strong message TODAY and help end whaling FOR GOOD.

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