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Animals Australia Unleashed (Unleashed) is the youth outreach division of Animals Australia, Australia's largest and most dynamic animal protection organisation. Animals Australia campaigns to protect all animals, and is known for its groundbreaking work in investigating and exposing animal cruelty.

Animals Australia Unleashed travels the country, catching up with the latest bands and celebs who are speaking up for animals. We actively campaign for the most abused and neglected animals in our society by exposing animal cruelty and encouraging those who care about animals to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Most people are unaware that most animals raised in Australia (some 500 million) are denied the legal protection afforded to dogs and cats. That means that if you were to cut off your dog's tail without anaesthetic, you could be prosecuted for animal cruelty—but if a pig farmer does the same thing to a pig, it's just part of business. Animal cruelty has become big business, and it's up to us and those who care about animals to end the suffering by exposing the truth.

Our important work is funded entirely by the generosity of those who share our view that animals are more than just hamburgers, or leather coats; they are sensitive and interesting individuals who can each experience suffering and pain. Please consider supporting Unleashed with a donation or purchase from our online shop.

Together we can make a kinder world for all animals!

Proudly Supported by Voiceless - the fund for animals

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