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While I may be blessed with the body of a stud muffin, dazzling looks that will make you melt, a personality you cannot resist and a voice you can never forget, unfortunately many animals are not so lucky and are completely voiceless. Ok so maybe I've exaggerated a little—but the fact that animals suffer enormously is no exaggeration. And that’s why being a voice for animals is such an important part of who I am.

Aside from working with Unleashed, I'm also studying to be a paramedic. Whether they’re humans or animals, saving lives is saving lives! I also play a bit of guitar and am disturbingly addicted to food. Lucky for me, being vegan reduces my risk of obesity—otherwise I’d be packing on the kilos! I like to pump a bit of iron every now and again; hang out with the animals at Edgar's Mission; and go to concerts (and that’s certainly a perk of my role with Unleashed). If you wanna chat, hit me up. I’m always keen to meet other caring peeps.

Ward out.

Name: Ward

Nicknames: wardddddyyy, Ward-dog, W-dog, stud muffin? Ok too far.

Fave food: Oh where to start? Cheesecake for breakfast, faux chicken cheese and mayo sandwhiches for lunch and stir fry for dinner. Anything on (many of these recipes are mine!). Oh, and vegan nachos, sombrero amigo style!

Fave bands: Goldfinger, Mest, Yellowcard, Blink 182, MxPx, Fenix Tx, The Ataris, Rise Against, Something Corporate, Taking Back Sunday, The Hot Lies, Kisschasy, and by now you'll get the drift. Oh and Kanye West!

Current obsessions: Taking photos, road trips for food, tabling at concerts, meeting new people, demonstrations!

Turn offs: Rude people, greedy people, petrol prices, and anything that uses body parts of animals.

Why veg? Because my body is not a graveyard! I first watched the Free Me video by Goldfinger, and knew instantly that it was wrong how animals were treated and that I needed to help them. Who would've thought I'd have so much fun along the way?

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