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Pig with Chick

Meet the Animals

Ever wondered why we learned to love one animal, and eat another? If you’ve ever known a dog or cat, you know that animals can love, feel joy, and can also feel pain, and suffering. Animals raised for food are no different.

Despite having the same capacity to suffer, in Australia nearly half a billion ‘farm animals’ have been excluded from the animal cruelty laws that protect dogs and cats. This means that it is legal to cause pain and suffering in the name of profit. Today, most of these animals are forced to spend their lives confined in filthy, overcrowded ‘factory farms’, where they suffer 24/7 and endure ‘surgical’ procedures without pain relief. What most people don’t know is just how sensitive and interesting these animals actually are...

Pigs Pigs are as smart as 3-year-old children! They know their own name, and wag their tails when excited! More »
Chickens Chickens are very social animals, are doting mothers, and can recognise over 100 of their friends' faces! More »
Cows Cows are emotional animals, who form strong social bonds, and have been known to hold grudges! More »
Sheep Sheep are remarkably smart, quick learners, and are also very playful animals. More »
Fish & Sea Animals Fish are among the least understood animals, yet they too feel pain, and have unique 'personalities'! More »

Be a Friend to Animals
  1. Don’t eat them. Taking animals off your plate is the most powerful thing you can do to help end animal cruelty. Every person who decides to go vegetarian saves 100 innocent lives every year!
  2. Don’t wear them. When you think about it, wearing a lifeless skin on your back, on your feet, or around your waist is a rather morbid choice of fashion. It’s also not so hot for the animals who lost their lives so you could wear their skin.
  3. Don’t buy stuff that’s tested on them. Most people don’t realise that millions of animals endure painful and unnecessary tests for new cosmetics or household products. These animals are locked up, burned, maimed, and tortured against their will. But the choice is yours to say ‘NO’ to animal testing!


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