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Xmas Eve Like You Would Never Believe!
Posted By Ward

Xmas Eve Like You Would Never Believe!

Posted 2 January 2008   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Trial Kennedy, The Hot Lies, gigs, bands, food, Christmas, bbq

When our good friends at PBS radio station contacted us saying that they were organising a fundraiser on Christmas eve, and they wanted Unleashed to run a table and bbq at the event, we just couldn't resist. In the good spirit of Christmas, we loaded up the car with veggie snags, and goodies and headed to The Arthouse for a night to remember.

Celebrating Christmas is great. Celebrating Christmas with a whole bunch of good mates, vegan food and Trial Kennedy and Capeside thrashin' out the tunes is greater! And to top it off Luke from The Hot Lies donned his chef's hat to help on the barbie.

If you haven't caught Trial Kennedy, then they're a name to remember. These guys are almost as hot as a Christmas day in Aus.

So that was our Chrissy feast. Tell us about yours. What cruelty free goodies did you whip for the Christmas season?

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Emily Emily 30 March 2009
Oh my god, this isn't a positive comment like you would have hoped for unfortunately, but last Christmas was my first Christmas being vegetarian, my family held a Christmas lunch for the family (about 30 people) and seriously all there was was meat meat and more meat! And it was something I wasn't really use to... there were big plates of just carved up slabs of meat like pork, beef, turkey, chicken etc. All I could have was mango salad and that yummy cauliflower and broccoli cheesy stuff.A vegan wouldn't have survived at that Christmas lunch.
Euh, so disgusting! What should I do about Christmas this year!?

via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 30 March 2009
wow, i wish i was at that christmas party happy
its so hard being vegetarian when im the only one while my family are meat eaters and dont give a damn about animals sad
i have to say i really love the fact you provided a link in this blog to vegan recipes happy

via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 31 March 2009
Emily and Shirley, I know what you mean. It certainly dampens the festive spirit to have a corpse put on the table.

I've found that the best thing to do at Christmas is to bring along your own amazing cruelty-free dish for Chrissy dinner/lunch. Some years I will prepare a faux turkey - to show off how great faux meats are. Other times I just make something else that looks and tastes so great that everyone else wishes they had what I have. That way you can have a super tasty Chrissy lunch and show others what is possible with veg food.  thumb

By the way, here's a link to a great faux turkey. These guys also make other great faux meats:
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 15 April 2009
Wow well when i became Vegetarian it hugely impacted on my friends (hmm i think only 2 were vegetarian at the time) and when December came around, they shocked us all, they went vegetarian for the month! We really appreciated that, and its fun being Vegetarian or Vegan, like taco food fights (without the meat) are heaps fun...
Really, i got about six people vegetarian in the past few months (got a sore throat from all the yelling). I know now im going to use a megaphone  megaphone
via Unleashed

Brooke Brooke 19 April 2009
WOW!! Well done Cj!!! that's really kool.Congrats!!!!
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 20 August 2010
I've never heard of this radio station! What's their channel?
via Unleashed


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