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Victoria is Nice to Mice
Posted By Ward

Victoria is Nice to Mice

Posted 18 December 2008   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: glue traps, victoria, law, mice

Following similar bans in ACT and Tasmania, Victoria has done something great for animals too by changing cruelty laws to ban the use of glue traps by farmers and individuals, taking many mice out of some very sticky situations! Unfortunately, they can still be used commercially by ‘pest control’ companies (ie. peeps who kill animals on a large scale!) until the end of 2009, but with a bit of luck (and public pressure) it will also be banned commercially, and we will be one step closer to being nice to mice :)

Dead mouse that suffered in a glue trapGlue traps are one of the most inhumane traps around! They are made of a board with extremely sticky glue that traps animals and leaves them stuck for days until they slowly dehydrate or die of starvation! The injuries and distress of these traps is extreme, with some mice breaking limbs, pulling out patches of fur and skin, and suffocating as the glue covers their face. The Department of Primary Industries identified glue traps as “one of the most inhumane methods of rodent control.” To make it worse, it’s not just mice – many domestic and wild animals such as cats and birds are also caught in these contraptions.

But it’s not just mice who have got the thumbs up in Victoria, the new regulations also:

- ban the use of twisted bits on horses.
- ban the transportation of dogs and farm animals in the boot of a car.
- restrict the use of some electric shock devices on animals.

If you have a little mouse problem at home, there is a way to stop them eating your food without hurting them. You can build humane mousetraps or purchase them online or at most hardware stores. These alternatives will spare the lives of our little furry friends, and then you can release them back into the woods away from your home, and everyone lives happily ever after - literally.

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Aimee Aimee 1 March 2009
It's hard to believe anyone would use these torture devices in the first place. The other new regulations also seem like they would (or should) have been implemented a long time ago- it's funny how we have this idea of how things are and the reality is always so much worse.
Overall, good news though. Gotta love positive change and you gotta keep pushing for more!
via Unleashed

jack jack 9 March 2009
i am proud of my state
finally australia is doing something about it
via Unleashed

Rory! Rory! 16 April 2009
wow this made my day =D tongue
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 16 April 2009
This is a good start! =]
Whenever we have a mouse problem, it doesnt really last long because of the dogs or the cat nextdoor....but you cant stop the dogs or the cat going after a mouse. At least we're not putting those traps out for mice to die slow, plainful deaths.
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 8 June 2009
Wow! Great job Vicclap
I had no idea that traps like these existed. Inhumane much! Grrr to the people that invented them.
via Unleashed

PestMan PestMan 9 September 2013
You people have no idea about rodent control.  Rats and mice are not sensitive new age creatures.  They destroy huge amounts of food for humans, they chew cables causing fires which kill humans, they spread disease to humans.  They are becoming more resistant to conventional poisons.  Catch and release traps just add to the population.  On the odd occasions when glue traps are necessary, they are used for usually a small number of problem critters that cant be got any other way, such as in your local chinese restaurant or favorite cappucino store. Ban glue traps at your peril fools, bubonic plague still kills 10 people a year on average in the USA alone.  One dead rat that may have suffered is far less important than one of your lives.
via Unleashed


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