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Calling all Photographers!

Calling all Photographers!

Posted 29 May 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 18 Comments

Tags: contest, photography, donation, canon

UPDATE! The pics are in and your votes are needed NOW!
Click here to cast your vote!

Canon and Unleashed wants you to get creative with your camera in a sweet new photography competition: Creative for a Cause.

The idea is simple: upload one or more of your favourite photographs that represent the cause you're most passionate about (it's animals – isn't it?), nominate your favourite cause (Animals Australia – right?) and if your photo wins, you get a Canon prize pack, and Animals Australia gets a $60,000 donation to help fight animal cruelty!

So what are you waiting for??

  1. Sign up here for a free MyCanon Account.
  2. Submit a photo that represents animals and/or Animals Australia's work
  3. Select the Cause Category "Environment", then select the Cause Recipient "Animals Australia AU".
  4. Describe what your photo represents and why animal issues are important to you.
  5. Don't forget to vote for your own photo!

Finally, make sure you post a comment below with link to your photo when you're done so we can vote for it too!

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_Matt _Matt 2 June 2009
I did it! Try spot Bob wink

Animals Australia has the top spot on the drop down list! If some people screw up by mistake, we'll get their votes!!! lol
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 2 June 2009
LOL. i might try for this but i have no idea what to photograph that represents animals? ideas?  confused
id post a link if i enter
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 3 June 2009
Yesssssss so excited!
via Unleashed

Ingrid Ingrid 3 June 2009
I did it! But it's kind of an odd idea so see what you think:

It's called 'Free the Lions!'

(it's not as odd as it sounds!~)
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 3 June 2009
A few photo ideas:

Your cat / dog / bunny / [insert other animal you love]
Stray animals
Native animals
People wearing fur (who shouldn't be!)
Animals interacting with people to show love/companionship
Deforestation / global warming (due in large part to unsustainable grazing of animals for meat)
Sad wild animals in cages (at circuses, zoo exhibits, etc)
Something more artistic / up to your imagination...!

via Unleashed

Gadget Gadget 3 June 2009
I just did it...." babe "& "stop greyhound racing......" please vote for me!!! dog
via Unleashed

Leabee Leabee 3 June 2009
Just up-loaded a whole lot of my photo's of some lovely animals from my travels a few months back.
I hope they can help Animals Australia in some way or another.
Here is a couple of what I have up-loaded

Good Luck Everyone - Animals Australia needs the support!!!
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 4 June 2009
WOW!! Who knew we had so many amazing photographers among us?? I think these pics are incredible! happy
via Unleashed

Brodie Brodie 5 June 2009
I just went through and voted for all the links. I'm not photographically talented but I can still support you guys. Good luck ecstatic
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 9 June 2009
I had the best picture of my dog, then she moved! Ugh!
via Unleashed

Rebecca smiles Rebecca smiles 9 June 2009
Hi Everyone!

Here's my entry in the Canon Creative for a Cause Photography Competition:

I hope enough people like it so Animals Australia can have the $60,000 big ones!!!

Please vote if you can.....

Thanks you!! xo  wink
via Unleashed

Rebecca smiles Rebecca smiles 10 June 2009
Hi Everyone!

Here's my entry, hope you like it!

Thanks!  Bec  happy
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 14 June 2009


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