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For the Love of Chocolate

For the Love of Chocolate

Posted 2 June 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 44 Comments

Tags: food, chocolate, dairy-free, giveaway, merch

I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this... There has been so much chatter about dairy-free chocolate on the forum recently that we thought we would share the love even further and give away some vegan chocolate.

That's right FREE CHOCOLATE!

In fact, we've all gone a little chocolate-mad with two new chocolate gift packs for sale in the Unleashed shop. And believe me, there's a good reason they call them 'Constant Craving' truffles. If you want to impress someone, I promise you, the only thing you'll ever need to do is get them some of these...

Each pack includes five dreamy varieties including Jaffa Delight, Coffee, Scorched Almond, Coconut, and Apricot Dream.

Ok ok ok, back to the free chocolate :-) If you want to get your hands on free pack of these melt-in-your-mouth truffles simply leave a comment below and tell us why you deserve them. We'll send the most worthy candidate a chock-filled gift to satiate those constant cravings...

Update: most worthy chocoholics announced! Click here to find out who won.

« Most Worthy Chocoholics Announced!     Kyle & Jackie O's 'Fat Challenge' »

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_Matt _Matt 2 June 2009

My local organic shop sells them!!! If anyone hasn't tried these you are seriously missing out!

Why should I win?
It would be nice to give something back to my Mum. She's been really, really nice to me about the vegan diet thing. She didn't judge or complain, just supported my decision and every now and then brings home the odd vegan slice of cake from the bakery happy
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 2 June 2009
I deserve free choclates because I'm a bit down at the moment, My friends are acting strange towards me, and one of my pets died earlier this morning at approx. 10am.

I would really like these chocolates, they look so great! I need a pick-me-up and something to take my mind off things...
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 2 June 2009
My name is, and I'm a chocoholic...

The hardest part I am finding going vegan i the lack of chocolate as I know it!
Last year when I was trying to wean myself off my choc-a-day habit (yes I was this bad... a cherry ripe a day!!) I was getting bad headaches, I think due to the sugar low...
I went on a health kick when I turned vegetarian at the start of the year, but I slipped a little (ok maybe a lot?), and went back to my habit. Since going vegan I am VERY tempted by ANY chocolate I see... I have to remind myself that I am VEGAN!!

I need help to stay on the vegan path.. and this should do it! It may also convince the b/f that non-dairy foods DO taste AWESOME! ecstatic
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 2 June 2009
as far as i can remember ive been a chocoholic.
going vegan, theres only one thing i miss.
chocolate, i only ever eat the sweet williams dairy free chocolate but id love to try this new chocolate.
if i do win, im most definatly sharing this with my friends. happy
via Unleashed

Alice Alice 2 June 2009
I love chocolate but I am lactose intolerant, I'd love to try this new chocolate.
via Unleashed

Kate5 Kate5 2 June 2009
I do not have a very good reason for wanting the chocolate....except chocolate is amazing! therefore, I believe it should go to someone who will use it for a better reason than I would. But I just want to say I am enjoying myself so much with being a family wasn't too happy at the start, especially my brother but I have been creating my own delicious dishes which my family "surprisingly" love! Woohoooooooooo
via Unleashed

Gorica Gorica 2 June 2009
I am a vegan and am all for this chockie, will help me along when studying for law exams and get me through the animal law elective which will be a voice for the voiceless!!
Can't this stuff be retailed? Great for everyone, including our creatures great and small!!
via Unleashed

jess09 jess09 2 June 2009
my sea monkeys just had babies and it seems an appropriate occasion to celebrate with some chocolatey goodness.  baby sea monkeys! come on!  tongue
via Unleashed

Kirrilly Kirrilly 2 June 2009
Matt that's so sweet. I'd like to say I'd give them to my mum but truthfully they wouldn't last 30 seconds around me.

Who knows, they might win in the hunt for the worlds best vegan chocolate that I have officially started.

(i.e. pick me!!!!)
via Unleashed

i say give them to matt.y =]
via Unleashed

Scib Scib 3 June 2009
i work across from a Lindt cafe and all day people come in with chocolates which i wish i could eat.. with my own stash i could share in the moment as well cloud9
via Unleashed

jessica_chickpea jessica_chickpea 3 June 2009

you should really give me some free vegan chockies, as i haven't had any good vegan chocolate in quite some time. i'm sure i'd really enjoy yours! wink

via Unleashed

chacha33 chacha33 3 June 2009
Being vegan, I'm super keen,
On eating the right foods and lots of greens.
There's one thing missing from my cuisines...
and thats the sweet taste of cocoa beans.
via Unleashed

Jasmine Jasmine 3 June 2009
UMMM the coconut one sounds nice
if i do win ill give mine to my 2 adorable friends
ive recently became vegan and they thought i wouldn't last
well im happy to say it's nearly 6 months
so the delicious chocolates i can shove in their mouths
and rubb it in their faces how nice or should i say yummy it is!!!!
via Unleashed

Nay Nay 3 June 2009
Mmmmmmmmm Chocolate... And guilt free from Animal cruelty! I'm in!
via Unleashed

emily1 emily1 3 June 2009
OK soim 17 and  ive recently decided to become vegan..
its pretty tough you know, coming from a chinese family with so much food I cant eat!
I would love a pack of these choccies coz great tasting vegan choc is hard to find!
I would really appreciate ithappy
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 3 June 2009
Haha. I probably don't deserve them. But my sister does. She just spent 14 hours in labour and I think that in return for her giving me a new nephew, I should give her some lovely chocolates.
via Unleashed

Sir Leila Sir Leila 3 June 2009
banana broccoli banana broccoli banana broccoli broccoli broccoli banana broccoli banana banana broccoli banana broccoli banana broccoli broccoli broccoli banana broccoli banana

coz the dancing veg say i should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

minna! minna! 3 June 2009
hey. ok so i tried to go on a 'no-chocolate-challenge' for a week one time last year... and boy was it a challenge! i lasted 5 days and was actually having withdrawal symptoms.

also, i'm always on the look out for tasty dairy free chocolate.
these truffles look like some good choc!

and now for the month of june, a friend challenged me to ban chocolate from my diet.

'chocolate ban' is such an oxymoron don't you think...

anyway, these truffles look like they'd be the perfect way to start eating chocolate again after a gruelling month of NO CHOCOLATE.

and that's why i think i deserve these truffles. happy
via Unleashed

kaz kaz 3 June 2009
Please 'pick me, pick me'.  I would love my kids to try those chocolates.  I have been converting them to a vegan diet for a while now but they still believe that in order to taste good, food has to be made with meat or animals products
via Unleashed

Smathmo Smathmo 3 June 2009
I've been going through the non-dairy chocolate options at all the supermarkets in the area and the taste has ranged from 'meh' to spit-outable. Yet my puppy loves the non-dairy dog treats I bought for her.
Please let me win so I don't have to resort to eating dog treats!!
via Unleashed

Em-says-no Em-says-no 3 June 2009
Omg that chocolate is soo good my friend had it and i stole it all!!!! lol innocent
via Unleashed

Lush201 Lush201 3 June 2009
I love animals.  I also love chocolate.  Enough said!
via Unleashed

Tanya1 Tanya1 3 June 2009
I deserve to win beacuse I am new to this site and I am so happy to be able to help the animals with out It costing money because I am dirt poor!
via Unleashed

Christie Christie 3 June 2009
why do i deserve them?
honestly, i dont think i do. what does one have to do to say they are DESERVING of chocolate? anyone on this beautiful planet of ours that wants chocolate is deserving of it.

id love to try them. and if i dont win free chocolate, i will certaintly go out on a mission and hunt to find these ones as i have never seen or heard of them before and yes, they do look amazing wink
via Unleashed

vegancarly vegancarly 3 June 2009
Please cure my 6 month chocolate craving. Sweet Williams is inadequate!
via Unleashed

pyramidsong pyramidsong 3 June 2009
I deserve them because I have been vegan for a whole month now! happy
via Unleashed

Gabby Gabby 3 June 2009
cause Im awesome?... I think really if anything that says it all!   peace
via Unleashed

Amanda2 Amanda2 3 June 2009
Because I'm currently buried under a sea of major reports, essays, and looming exams! Chocolate is the only thing that can cheer me, now. tongue
via Unleashed

Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae 3 June 2009
OK, so I've never had them. Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough or I've only found vegan chocolates in bar form.
Chocolate,even before I turned vegan had alway been a bit of a tricky subject. I'm allergic to most nuts (except hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and the like) and avocado.
Adding on to that, my vegan anniversary is on June 5!
via Unleashed

Aisling Aisling 3 June 2009
i'd like to share them with my family, its my dad's birthday today and they've been really good mostly about not giving me a hard time because i'm vegan, most nights now my parents prepare a family dinner,and a 'special' one for me,or on other ocasions they have tried my 'special' dinners and have embraced the change,  so i'd like to give something back.
via Unleashed

vt vt 3 June 2009
I love chocolate, as do most people.
I'd like to win the chocolate because it would be a nice treat to have some vegan choc. Most of my friends think going vegan is stupid because they think that there's no other option but to give up sweets. This would prove to them that vegan sweets are excellent too! All the more reason to go veg! happy
via Unleashed

Gasher Gasher 3 June 2009
My Wife wont join me in my vegan diet.. Until she finds a decent vegan chocolate.. Will this be the one??? I hope so..
Cheerzzz Gavin
via Unleashed

jessyd88 jessyd88 3 June 2009
dairy free chocolate makes it a cruelty free world. I will eat each one as a symbol for my belief and show my friends you dont need dairy chocolate to fact you can make a better world by eaying dairy free!
via Unleashed

Naomi Naomi 4 June 2009
Okay I have been a vegan for over 8 months now and can honestly say that I have not even had the tiniest piece of chocolate.... and I have being feeling happy and great and healthy and-OMG I NEED SOME COCOA IN ME RIGHT NOW.... ok ok breath... it's just a little animal friendly slice of heave-I NEED THEM PLEASE!-ok ok see what the absence of chocolate does to people? It's not healthy...
via Unleashed

Tash Tash 4 June 2009
I deserve these chocolates because I became a vegen despite all the complaints and "healthy eating" lectures I received from my family and friends. I stood up for what I believe in and ignored their hurtful comments happy Also because I am really craving chocolate because my boyfriend recently broke up with me, then hooked up with my so-called "friend"!
via Unleashed

Stina3 Stina3 4 June 2009
I'm a broke, recently turned vegan! dairy free chocolate is hard to find where i live and so expensive!!! must....have....chocolate.... and perhaps i can turn a few ppl if i give them a tiny bite....
via Unleashed

Julie Julie 5 June 2009
i dont know what to say that could prove that i am the worthy"est" of them all to win some free chocolate as i know everyone who writes here is obviously deserving of the chocolate because we all support such a fantastic cause.
so who ever wins congratulations but to everyone who doesnt just buy some chocolate and support this great site anyways happy
via Unleashed

Holly Holly 5 June 2009
well im trying to become vegan but its really hard and... ashamed love happy innocent laugh ecstatic confused clap beaverhug chick tongue wink fish monkey pillowfight broccolihahahhahahahahahhaha
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 6 June 2009
Honestly, I don't know why I would deserve chocolate more than anyone else on this site. Although exams are coming up, so it would be nice to have some guilt free choccies to ease the stress.
I can honestly say that for me one of the biggest challenges of being vegan would definately be the lack of chocolate. I've tried various soy type chocolates, but have not settled on one i really really love. so it would be nice to be able to try something new (and according to the other comments, delicious).
Would love to be considered, but congrats to everyone who does get it. happy
via Unleashed

Zafrina Zafrina 6 June 2009
I LOVE CHOCOLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooot woot yay chocolate.. n im not sharin! muhahaha
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 19 September 2009
they sound pefect for me because a just looooooooove chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap cool ecstatic happy thumb juggle
via Unleashed

jessika jessika 13 December 2009
I loooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee cchhocccccoollaaaaattteeeeeee
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 17 August 2010
because i have not eaten chocolate in 4 months!
via Unleashed


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