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Ghent Declares Veggie Day!

Ghent Declares Veggie Day!

Posted 19 June 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: veg, environment, global warming, meat, Belgium, Meat Free Mondays

Who wants to move to Belgium? I have to admit the thought crossed my mind when I heard that last month the Belgian city of Ghent declared Thursday a vegetarian day for the entire city!

In an effort to combat the impact of the livestock industry on global warming, the city has invited its 230,000 inhabitants to help the planet by eating green every Thursday. The city will be providing free veggie lunch snacks, vegetarian cooking classes and general info on healthy eating. And best of all they will be distributing 90,000 free veggie street maps to guide people to Ghent's vegetarian restaurants. Woo!

According to the UN the livestock industry is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than all the planes, trains and automobiles in the world combined! To me, that sounds like reason enough to join Ghent in making Thursday (and every other day) a vegetarian day.

If you think Ghent are on a winning idea you might want to write to your local council and suggest they follow Ghent's lead.

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april-san april-san 23 June 2009
that's awesome! Go Ghent!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 30 June 2009
In other news, the Swedish government has also come out to promote climate friendly foods!
broccoli broccoli broccoli broccoli broccoli
via Unleashed

Aimee Aimee 11 July 2009
Schools should have veggie days, religious institutions, restaurants, households....etc. But they should all have their veggie days fall on different days of the week. Eventually, anywhere you go you would run into a veggie day, and then become veggie by default. How wonderful.  thumb
via Unleashed

Louise Louise 12 July 2009
i agree with aimee this would be a super idea happy
via Unleashed

gaytee. gaytee. 14 July 2009
agreed, thursday should universally be vegie day.
...and tuesdays should be soylent green day
we need to cut down on those people!
ps. ignore this if you havn't seen soylent green
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 19 July 2009
That is freaking AWESEOME! ecstatic
I love hearing stuff like this! happy
via Unleashed


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