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Kyle & Jackie O's 'Fat Challenge'

Kyle & Jackie O's 'Fat Challenge'

Posted 1 June 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 24 Comments

Tags: Kyle and Jackie O, Jackie O, 2DayFM, pigs, factory farms, vegetarian, donate

If you're a 2DayFM listener you're probably aware by now of Kyle's "fat challenge". But if you're not, the self-admittedly rotund co-host of the Kyle and Jackie O show has accused the ever-gorgeous Jackie of being fat! (Yes, it's a topsy turvy world we live in).

It seems that Kyle is so concerned about Jackie's health and belt size that he's issued his vegetarian co-host a challenge: lose 4 Kg and he'll donate $5,000 to her favourite charity: Animals Australia! And if she fails...? Kyle says he'll give the $5,000 to a pig factory farm -- Jackie's worst nightmare!

Now, I don't know where this mic-slinging diva will even find 4 Kg to lose... but if anyone can do it for the pigs, I'm willing to bet that Jackie O can.

The outspoken radio personality and former Big Brother host has already shown her commitment to helping animals by not eating them. She also posted information on her website to inform listeners about the miserable lives of animals trapped in factory farms in Australia. Go Jackie!

Who do you think will win the fat challenge? You can have your say and pass on your encouragement to Jackie on the 2day fm website. :-)

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Teweesa! Teweesa! 2 June 2009
Go Jackie, go! She doesn't need to lose the weight at all though. Kyle is an idiot. I really hope she can do it!
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borgy borgy 2 June 2009
she's not even fat. this is one of the sickest challanges i've ever heard. Kyle the idiot could easily donate $5000 out of his own pocket if he even cared about anyone but himself, surely he's not dirt poor. Instead he needs a stupid challange like this so he can keep morons listening to their radio show, even though i find it hard to believe this could even be considered entertainment. Also highly ironic that he said this when he is a fat ass. rolleyes
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.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 2 June 2009
thats crap.
kyles the pig.
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 2 June 2009

i don't know if she can.... unless she goes into the negatives. but good generally defeats evil... so i'll bet that Jackie somehow does it. Maybe she water-loaded before she weighed herself? i hope so anyway

pretty funny challenge though - i get their podcasts.

i remember when they went to LA and drove around in a black SUV.. Jackie pretended to be Britney Spears while Kyle was the bodyguard... with a REALLY bad american accent. The paparazzi followed them around and even the police gave them an escort! when the paps learnt that it was a joke they were so ANGRY! kyle and jacki had to run away... it was so funny lol

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Shirley Shirley 2 June 2009
go jackie. she can do it for sure happy
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 3 June 2009
loser kyle, you should go live with the pigs and see if you still think the same way.
via Unleashed

Jasmine Jasmine 3 June 2009
prob cut down on the early morning coffee!!!
via Unleashed

Zafrina Zafrina 6 June 2009
sumtymes i wunder if kyle has a mirror, n if he dus if its those mirrors from da eesta show or sumthin- distortin yo image so u luk either fatter or skinnier... ima hunt lose's address down n giv him a mirror THEN well c hu's fat!

anyway.. jackie o is sxc n i hope she can do it
via Unleashed

Kat Kat 8 June 2009
Ugh, this is such a revolting challenge - it manages to simultaneously trivialise animal cruelty and send out a distorted message about body image (I mean Jackie O is really slender as it is - that is NOT fat!).  I am not a big fan of these two at all, but hopefully Jackie succeeds nonetheless.
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 8 June 2009
I always liked Jackie-O

Hate kyle, i mean seriously ugh, what an idiot
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Nathanael Nathanael 8 June 2009
Both thoroughly annoying, triple j for all your vegan breakfast needs! Also go and look up the hilarious threats of violence Kyle made against jay and the doctor/frenzal rhomb during some feud they had years ago.

Also, basically agree with Kat.
via Unleashed

Kat Kat 11 June 2009
That was so funny, I forgot about that!

I noticed the other day that Jackie O is the spokesmodel on one of those 'Brand Power' type ads advertising some breakfast (dairy) milk drink.  Not that I am  wishing to knock her for being vegetarian rather than vegan (hey, any boycott of animal products is great!) but it seems strange to me to be publicly sticking up for piggies but also essentially publicly endorsing an industry that allows cruelty to cows.
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ABC ABC 12 June 2009
I second Kat and Nathanael's comments, I don't think she's the best spokesperson to have for animals.

Listen to JJJ, the breakfast show with TWO vegans!
via Unleashed

Unleashed Unleashed 12 June 2009
When we met with Jackie a few months ago, she had just received our bobby calf action alert. She expressed her horror to us at the cruelty of the dairy industry - like most of us at some time, she simply did not know.

She was also deeply upset because she had just finished the commercial for the yoghurt product. Unfortunately, despite her disgust at the cruelty shown by the dairy industry she was not able to ask for the commercials to be pulled as she was bound by contract. sad

We have no doubt that Jackie will never promote dairy again.

Animals Australia (and the animals) are very fortunate to have such a high profile and supportive celebrity as Jackie speaking up for them. Jackie is able to reach a million listeners every week with a message of kindness to animals. Fortunately, now that she is aware of the problems with the dairy industry this is yet another issue she can highlight to her listeners. clap
via Unleashed

Kat Kat 13 June 2009
Wow, bit of an awkward situation there!  I'm glad to hear that she is now aware of the issue, and hopefully her listeners become similarly aware and concerned.
via Unleashed

lisathevegan lisathevegan 13 June 2009
This is soo not funny. Kyle is an ass!!!!
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 22 June 2009
umm.. i think kyle is the one that needs to lose the weight and not jackie :S

via Unleashed

Kaisha Kaisha 19 July 2009
I've always thought it's strange jackieo is not vegan. Now that she has been informed of the horrors in the milk industry, has there been any word on the consideration of a vegan lifestyle?
via Unleashed

KarenV KarenV 27 July 2009
I just read Unleashed's comment re: contacting Jackie about endorsing dairy. I'm so glad you let her know as I thought she'd been an odd choice for the face of Animals Australia. But seeing as she didn't know and wishes she hadn't endorsed the products then I guess I can forgive you guys for choosing her  wink

As for the fat challenge: at first I was disgusted because, like Kat, I thought it mocked animal cruelty and sent out the wrong message about body image. But now when I think about at least it's getting some info out there about factory farming pigs. Maybe some listeners will look up the issue and boycott pork products, or go veg!
via Unleashed

Nathanael Nathanael 29 July 2009
So I know sometimes aren't black and white like they are the paper. But personally I want nothing to do with any of these jerks.
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 30 July 2009
Just signed a petition to sack Kyle Sandilands. What a loser. After his most recent escapade into the world of rape victims I think he needs a serious wake up call about what the community will and will not tolerate. Time to call an end to his sick games.
via Unleashed

Honeygoon Honeygoon 10 November 2009
Jackie O's involvement at all in such a challenge does trivialise animal cruelty as previously mentioned - I can't believe only one comment mentions this!
And as for the distorted message about body image!
Kat seems like the only switched-on person on this thread.
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 17 April 2011
Go Jackie!
via Unleashed

natasha2 natasha2 17 April 2011
I would hope if Kyle has to donate $5000 to a pig farm it will help there living conditions
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