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Broome Severs Ties with Dolphin-Killing Capital of the World!

Broome Severs Ties with Dolphin-Killing Capital of the World!

Posted 23 August 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: Japan, dolphins, dolphin slaughter, take action, victory

This just in! After receiving thousands and thousands of emails from outraged Animals Australia and Unleashed members, Broome Shire Council held an emergency meeting where they agreed to suspend their sister-city ties with the Japanese town of Taiji, where next month thousands of dolphins will be brutally butchered as part of an unspeakably cruel mass annual dolphin slaughter.

During the slaughter, which every year kills 23,000 dolphins, authorities erect barricades and prohibit photography and videotaping of the brutal event. Not even the Japanese public are aware of the scale or cruelty that goes on in Taiji, or that dolphin meat is often mislabelled and consumed by unknowing Japanese citizens!

This move by Broome sends a strong message to Japan that the international community will not tolerate this dark, bloody secret. With more pressure, we hope that the Japanese government will soon wake up and realise that along with the dolphins, Japan's reputation and appeal as a tourist destination is being bludgeoned to death by callous Japanese fishermen!

Thanks to everyone who took action recently by writing Broome and asking them to sever ties with Taiji! Please also take a moment to write to the Ambassador of Japan to Australia and express your disgust at Japan's annual mass slaughter of dolphins. Let them know that you will not consider visiting Japan whilst this gruesome slaughter continues!

H.E. Mr Taka-aki Kojima
Ambassador of Japan to Australia
[email protected]

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casa22 casa22 24 August 2009
this is for kayla..

save the dolphins.
via Unleashed

Cosmic Rhino Ranger Cosmic Rhino Ranger 24 August 2009
THANKS! ] :<wink
via Unleashed

Oolong Oolong 24 August 2009
Primum non nocere
via Unleashed

GayleM* GayleM* 24 August 2009
Terrible, terrible cruelty to beautiful dolphins. Heartbreaking....PLEASE, help stop this horror....speak up for these precious creatures!!
via Unleashed

Nicole1 Nicole1 25 August 2009
Iam definately with ya on this one , SAVE THE DOLPHINS
via Unleashed

J Soh J Soh 27 August 2009
save the dolphins
via Unleashed

Simo Simo 27 August 2009
Great news!! =D
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 30 August 2009
I think that what they do to the dolphins is just so wrong angry furious sad
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 30 August 2009
thats excellent news happy
via Unleashed

hayley S hayley S 31 August 2009
thats just so wrong on so many levels i strongly agree with everyone here save the dolphins!!!
via Unleashed

Kathy1 Kathy1 4 September 2009
this is what I sent to the Japanese Government. kathy
You people are disgusting in the way at which you show such cruelty toward the dolphins.  They are a lovely creature and the world loves them.  To do what you do is barbaric and shows the western world that Japan is not part of the civilized world.  My son recently considered going to Japan to help teach English, and have a year or so in your country to enjoy the culture.  Under these conditions, he will certainly NOT be coming now.  Japan is NOT as good as we thought.  We are appalled.  Because of this disgusting behavior, I have imposed my own private ban on buying anything made or imported from your country, and I will ask my family and friends to follow me on this ban.  This will remain in place until you see the error of your ways, and stop this absolutely outrageous slaughter.
Yours Truly

Kathy Parrey
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 5 September 2009
thats good news ; save the dolphins !
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 11 November 2009
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 11 November 2009
orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale orcawhale
i know its not a dolphin, but its close
via Unleashed

gale gale 27 December 2009
Absolutely Barbaric,l have never felt so angry and overwhelmed,SHAME,SHAME,SHAME  Japan you truly show what a disgusting and appalling country you are,you have no respect for our world what so ever,may all the dolphins and whales that you have slaughted in the past  rest in peace.
via Unleashed


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