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Swine Flu Discovered in Aussie Piggery
Posted By Ward

Swine Flu Discovered in Aussie Piggery

Posted 3 August 2009   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: swine flu, pigs, health, factory farming, cancer, veg

It was only a matter of time – raising animals for food in filthy overcrowded sheds was bound to come and bite us in the backside, but when Swine Flu broke out in Mexico we didn't expect to see it in Australia any time soon. And before we knew it, we became one of the nations with the greatest swine flu count per capita. And now it's been found on a factory farm in NSW – the very place it originated (ie. a factory farm in Mexico).

Pork representatives are trying to convince us that it's still safe to eat pig products, but really, was it ever safe?!

  • If you ask the World Cancer Research Fund: "The scientific evidence linking processed meat [ie. ham, bacon, salami, etc] and bowel cancer shows that the best amount to eat is none at all."
  • Eating pigs is not only dangerous for our health, but the conditions they are raised in (confined in cages surrounded by their own waste products) is just a breeding ground for disease – a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Anyway, who's the one telling us it's safe? It's the Australian Pork Industry (surprise!) – the same people who make a buck off selling it. I kind of see it like a thief telling you it's safe to leave your bag with him.

Personally, I'm content to chow down on my FLT (facon, lettuce and tomato sandwich) and leave the pigs in peace.

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Jamison Jamison 3 August 2009
!!! I rest my case.

Factory farming = bad. PROOF RIGHT HERE! take that meat eaters who say that swine flu has nothing to do with animal rights.
via Unleashed

x.Tara x.Tara 3 August 2009
I'm currently using this to my advantage by telling my meat-eating mates, "don't eat that, you'll get swine flu!" happy serves em right too
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 4 August 2009
There's great article @ The Indypendent for anyone who wants more info:

"We know this food is killing us slowly with diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But we cannot stop, because we are addicts, and the food industry is the pusher. Even if we could opt out completely (which is almost impossible), it is still our land being ravaged, our water and air being poisoned, our dollars subsidizing the destruction, our public health at risk from bacterial and viral plagues."
via Unleashed

Louise Louise 11 August 2009
hhahaha good idea x.tara! well i definitely dont eat meat at all but i got swine flu from those who dosad sigh. if only people didnt eat meat.
via Unleashed

BenJaMiN BenJaMiN 4 September 2009
Well for us, we are better off, i suppose we should make friends with meat eaters hahaha!
via Unleashed


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