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What's for lunch?

What's for lunch?

Posted 18 August 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: veg, tuckshop, food, school, World Cancer Research Fund, ham, cancer, health

What was in your lunch box today? How would veggie pizza with whole grain crust, rice and beans, veggie subs, and lentil sauce with pasta sound for lunch? According to the US School Nutrition Association that's the veg options that are most popular at US schools. I'll have one of each thanks!

Their recent survey found that almost 2 out of 3 US schools have regular veg options on offer. I don't know about you but my school tuckshop had mostly meat pies, sausage rolls and sweets (ok! so you won't hear me complaining about sweets :P).

It's about time we had more veg options in schools here as well! And it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so. The World Cancer Research Fund is now urging parents not to pack their kids' lunchboxes with ham and other processed meats. This follows a report by them earlier this year in which they concluded: "The scientific evidence linking processed meat [ie. ham, bacon, salami, etc] and bowel cancer shows that the best amount to eat is none at all." Go WCRF!

What's your school's veg tuckshop selection like? Might be a good time to suggest they add a few more options!

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april-san april-san 18 August 2009
They used to have flavoured soymilk poppers, vegie rolls (like sausage rolls but full of chunks of vegies), but for some reason they got rid of both.
Now, the only regular veg items are fruit salad, yucky cheesy nachos, and egg salad sandwiches (which are eggy and overpriced, so I never buy them). Twice a week they have vegetarian pizza, and once a week they have sushi, the veg one being avocado rolls (not the best texture, but ok).

So, I don't get tuckshop very often. I just take my own. Tastes better and healthier! When Mum gives my brother and I tuckshop money, I buy something like chocolate soymilk poppers at the supermarket and freeze them for my lunchbox.
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jack jack 19 August 2009
mine is crap
i can only get something 2 days of the week
its all nachos, ham crap, ceasar salad eeek
i can only get sushi on friday and a falafel wrap on monday
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Emily Emily 19 August 2009
mines pretty good... but you have to order it and i'm too lazy for that tongue
they make all kinds of rolls with anything you want in it, or a box of salad or whatever... and you can also get spinach and cheese triangles/vege pasties etc...
but i never order so i always just get a roll and some twisties XD
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ckimana ckimana 20 August 2009
It's fantastic how it has changed over the years. When I was at school it was all junk. No salad rolls etc. Just meat pies, sausage rolls, chips, chocolate eclairs and whatnot. Eck!
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littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 21 August 2009
Mine's not that great, it's all pretty much meat pizzas, pies, sauage rolls and burgers. i've asked for vegetarian pizzas, but not much has been done.
The school also does sausage sizzles every so often, but they NEVER do vegetarian sausages.
So...yeah i just make my own lunch.
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Elese Elese 21 August 2009
I definatly hate my tuckshop!
all it is is meatpies, dim sims (EW!), sausage rolls ect ect.
and because my school is on a healthy plan thing the only vegetarian food there is to buy is deep fried spring rolls! WT*!
so i just bring my own lunch with choccy soymilk! FAV ecstatic
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Lea Lea 21 August 2009
My canteen uses cage eggs in all their i've made a petiton that Im handing around school for everybody to sign so that they change to free range/organic. So far so good!
Also they now have veg options for all sandwhiches, pasta dishes and wraps.
So tehy are taking a step in the right direction...hopefully one day it will be completely vegetarian!
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Chauni Chauni 22 August 2009
I think my school has some catching up to do.
Sure they made the switch from deep fried food a couple of years ago, to improve our health.
But what about the thousands of products they sell each year that come from factory farms?
More than half of the lunch items on the menu contain chicken in some shape or form. and the rest all contain meat. And it is definatley not free range.
I think the best us vego's can do is a packet of chips for lunch.
ohwell, I'm happy with my own lunch from home, at least I know what's in it. lol
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claudie claudie 27 August 2009
My canteen should be renamed "the fat, bogan, cruel and nasty" canteen. There is absoloutely nothing healthy what so ever, and it takes half an hour in a que to even get to the counter. but i guess thats whats expected in a school of 1,300.  i think we supply our (not mine personally obviously but the schools) meat pies ect from pie companies so no prizes for guessing where the meats come from. i  could go on all day, but me and a group of omni/vege friends are working on  cage free campus initiative.....happy
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Grace! Grace! 1 September 2009
My school has improved with healthier options since the Government regulations, but they still meat that has been processed to all hell and which is probably mostly made up of Chinese newspapers. I don't think that this is better than having deep-fried potato. They have hardly any vegetarian/vegan options.
Additionally, buy a doughnut or a wrap and you get it in a bag which reads "That's Good Chicken!" with a fuzzy cartoon chicken raising his wing as though he was giving it a thumbs up. I never buy food at the canteen anymore, as I feel like I'm advertising cruelty, slaughter and unhealthy, processed rubber-meat!
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Lauren Lauren 2 September 2009
mine is shocking they only have salad rolls that have heaps of butter and cheese in them, yuck.
and they had this idea of bringing all new food so they got curry but it has chicken in it, they really dont care about people that dont eat meat, ive even sugested differnt foods to make but they just ignore you !
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Teweesa! Teweesa! 5 September 2009
Mine sucked. We could get salad rolls that were basically a white roll (blech, give me wholemeal any day) with some lettuce on it, or a piece of fruit. I'm not sure what it's like these days because I left school 4 years ago.
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- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 5 September 2009
mine has NO food for vegans except off-tasting fruit thats $1 for one piece!

It effing sucks.
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ruby rose ruby rose 5 September 2009
mines great a tomato and cucumber sandwich clap
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Blah Blah 9 February 2010
My school has meat on every lunch item!!
There arnt even apples or oranges sold.
Just meat pattie burgers, sausage rolls, and chicken or ham sandwiches. Grrrr
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