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Cruelty-Free Shopping Made Oh-So-Easy!

Cruelty-Free Shopping Made Oh-So-Easy!

Posted 8 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 38 Comments

Tags: food, shopping, veg, Adelaide

So whenever you go shopping to stock up on mouth-watering cruelty-free food, do you spend more time than you'd like trying to ignore the icky meat, egg, and dairy-laden products that clutter the supermarket shelves in your quest to find those delightful dairy-free chocolate bars, meat-free mince and eggless mayonnaise? I know I do, especially when I visit a new supermarket that I don't know very well!

Don't you just wish shops would stick big, eye-catching signs up quickly drawing your attention to all the amazing vegetarian and vegan goodies that they sell? Well, one supermarket in Adelaide has done just that! Yep, apparently Foodworks in Glenelg have figured out that more and more people are wanting to fill their shopping trolleys without contributing to animal cruelty and environmental destruction and so they have posted big signs directing shoppers to the amazing cruelty-free food that they stock. Woot!!

Vegan supermarket shelves

Cruelty-free food at Foodworks

Tofutti icecream!

Tofutti cheese, pig-friendly 'bacon', meat-free schnitzels, vegan whipped cream, vegetarian 'prawns', to-die-for dairy-free icecream ... yum!! :-) If you're in Adelaide make sure you check this place out on Jetty Rd, Glenelg. And if not, post a comment below and tell everyone where your favourite veg-friendly shop is!

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Jon Jon 8 September 2009

I wish more supermarkets could implement this sort of thing!
via Unleashed

Jamison Jamison 8 September 2009
Just sent them some feedback happy :::
Hey, I'd just like to congratulate you on making your Gleneg shop more veg-friendly. It is amazing to see shops take up the challenge of suporting a more animal-friendly way of life. If only this sort of stuff would happen in Melbourne. Good on ya' for being a true Aussie and supporting the underdog! (the animals and the vegetarian people) It's great to see some people with morals.

Very very happy!!! I'm in a good mood now happyhappyhappy  ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic
via Unleashed

izzybella izzybella 8 September 2009
Fantastic!! Acceptance never tasted so good! laugh Thats put me in a better mood... if only they'd play videos of factory farms where the meat is, I'd like to see how many people would buy it then!
via Unleashed

Jamison Jamison 8 September 2009
*GASP* I'M IN LOVE!!! anyone up for a road trip??!! oh... btw... where is adelaide?
via Unleashed

Aimee Aimee 9 September 2009
Brings a tear to my eye....
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 9 September 2009
via Unleashed

Pomi Pomi 9 September 2009

Ahh.. I hate where I live. You can't even buy shoes not made with leather here! To Melbourne I go! And then.. I shall teleport to Adelaide!
via Unleashed

Vegetation Vegetation 9 September 2009
I'm another one who wishes we had that range available! But what an awesome idea. Good on them!
via Unleashed

Compostkitty Compostkitty 9 September 2009
i just wish our supermarket had that many vegan products in the first place.
via Unleashed

Shoogs Shoogs 9 September 2009
That's awesome! I really hope the word will spread and stores all around the country will follow the initiative.
I might speak to the owners of local Supa IGA franchises etc - they might be willing to do something similar happy
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 10 September 2009
omgomgomg i remember this place ! ecstatic jesse took dale tahlia and i there, its awesome! XD they have rice chocolate..:o

i wanna go back nowww :c
via Unleashed

claudie claudie 10 September 2009
nice one RADalaide!!! its hard in woolies cause i can't look at meat anymore without feeling sick. people often ask me 'but do you like meat?' i tell them the truth....yes!! but i can't even bare the smell of it now i know where it's from and what it ACTUALLY is. its funny being surrounded by omni's.
via Unleashed

Jeroen Jeroen 10 September 2009
That's real cool! Some good things come from Adelaide! Can anybody start distributing these productst to Sydney!
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 10 September 2009
OMG what an awesome selection they have! I'm moving to Adelaide LOL
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 12 September 2009
I might write to my local supermarket and suggest this to them. That way I won't have to roam the whole store searching for what I want!

This is a great idea. Perhaps Adelaide isn't so bad after all.
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 17 September 2009
OMG! I wish they did that somewhere here! I'd go there all the time!!
it'd make things so much easier.
via Unleashed

Rana Rana 18 September 2009
what a dream! Has anyone sent these pics to other Foodworks stores to encourage them to follow suit... might as well follow the precedent that these guys have set...
via Unleashed

soy soy 19 September 2009
That is amazing! I would adore for that to happen where I live. I'd probably hug all the workers.
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 19 September 2009
This is awesome.

I remember about 2 years ago, my local supermarket didn't even stock tofu, falafel, or even soymilk.

Now theres a whole fridge section full of substitutes, as well as a "health food aisle" which caters for vegetarians, vegans, as well as people with alergies.
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 25 September 2009
I wish my super market was like that
via Unleashed

f3xstar f3xstar 30 September 2009
omg i wish the shopping centres up here did what tehyre doing. liek i hate checking even dairy free cheeses in the vegetarian section and finding casein in them and they dont have a wide variety of vego foods either cry
via Unleashed

huggybear0423 huggybear0423 2 October 2009
The only thing that shits me about food shopping is that most things made for veg ang vegan's is dubble the price  cry
via Unleashed

Storm Storm 5 October 2009
I wish all the supermarkets would do this ecstatic
via Unleashed

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger 7 October 2009
f**k yes for Adelaide, now i know about this place i am definately going shopping there. =D
via Unleashed

ckimana ckimana 11 October 2009
Unreal! Hopefully it's just a matter of time until other supermarkets follow suit.
via Unleashed

Mickii Mickii 12 October 2009
anyone know, where i can find one near kooweerup
via Unleashed

tab tab 16 October 2009
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 22 November 2009
OMG ecstatic WOW! ecstatic
I wish every supermarket did this!

Not only would it make it easier to find things myself, but it would highlight for other non-veg consumers that there are plenty of delicious vegie foods out there to choose from! happy
via Unleashed

Bibby Bibby 15 December 2009
Foodworks - Glenelg - brilliant. We have just returned and unfortunately we couldnt bring the frozen dim sims, the marry-me icecreams or anything on the plane back to Melbourne! Could only look at the shelves and drool!!!
via Unleashed

Tintin Tintin 26 May 2011
Oh my gosh! Thanks for this! I walk past that shop all the time and have never even thought to go in there, sweet!
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 27 May 2011
I wish they did this in Melbourne, I wanna go vegan but I'm not allowed =( I'm not even allowed to be vegetarian but I am anyway love claves love me, love them right back lovelovelove It would make life so much easier, plus I think they should have a huge TV above the meat, dairy and eggs showing what it takes to get it to the shelves
via Unleashed

Val Val 28 May 2011
I am SO jealous....that is so damn awesome
via Unleashed

loulou loulou 28 May 2011
Thumbs up for Foodworks! Going to have a look at my local store!
via Unleashed

Jazza Jazza 23 August 2011
so excited to go here! they're still doing it right? will definitely write to them and give positive feedback, this is so great!
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 27 August 2011
I live in Adelaide.

Just letting you now...
via Unleashed

kikumeri kikumeri 1 September 2011
have u guys been to vegos in adelaide ??? mmm so yummy!
via Unleashed

twisted soul twisted soul 8 April 2013
Darn, that's not fair I wish all shops did that.
via Unleashed

Abigail1 Abigail1 24 April 2013
Fantastic!!! I will look out for some of these products. It's so great that vegan products are groing. Much love always. xoxoxox
via Unleashed


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