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Kick-Ass Poster Giveaway!

Kick-Ass Poster Giveaway!

Posted 1 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 59 Comments

Tags: giveaway, posters, merch

So, last week, whilst everyone was busy uploading their latest mug shots and attending jumps racing protests, a little milestone happened ... the thousandth member joined Unleashed :-)

Yep — we're now more than 1,000 members strong with recent recruits from every corner of Aus and even a few blow-ins from around the world. With so many new and caring voices for animals we think it's time to celebrate! And to mark the occasion we've created three brand new Unleashed posters (in 42cm x 42cm glory) for your viewing pleasure:

Kick Ass PosterMeat Stinks PosterBe a Lifesaver Poster

If you like what you see you can head on over to the Unleashed Shop and pick up a value-pack of all 3 today. Or, if you've already blown your spending money this week (like I have), then leave a comment below to tell us how you kick ass for the animals and you could score yourself a spankin new 'Kicking Ass' Poster! We'll be judging entries on flair, creativity, and general kick-ass-ness.

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Jemimah Jemimah 1 September 2009
I'm part of almost every animal organisation in Australia, I am part of the RSPCA group so I always have animals at home who I help to full health (at the moment I have a baby koala who lost its mum when she was run over). I've been vegetarian for just over 4 years - everything I eat is organic, I've been to heaps of Unleashed's protests and events - I hold regular meetings in my community about animal cruelty, how to prevent and stop it and why to go vegetarian & I've convinced all my friends to stop eating meat! I always adopt animals from pounds and the RSPCA to give them a better life and to stop them from being put to sleep & I always baby sit my friends animals and have Unleashed stickers everywhere! (my laptop, phone, house, car) KICKING ASS FOR THE ANIMALS !
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Aimee Aimee 1 September 2009
Raaaaad! I kick ass for animals by.....PROMOTING UNLEASHED in many ways!  wink
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Laura Laura 1 September 2009
I've been kicking ass for the animals by going full blown vegetarian! I've also been doing animal photography which I hope to put into a pamphlet about vegetarianism and how it saves our animals and our environment! broccoli
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Lil Gr33kiiE Lil Gr33kiiE 1 September 2009
Will continue keep kickin ass for the animals
I've been a vegetarian for almost 6months now and loving it.
Makes me feel healthy so all the beautiful animals can be freedom then noone will have to kill any animals ever again I hope it changes this world.
I'll continue to fight to save the animals as many you guys kept sending me emails will fight for it!
Keep it up guys you have changed my life I love it ecstatic
Animals Have Rights!!
Gotta love those 3 Posters would love to have them as 3 posters happy
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QueenSheeba QueenSheeba 1 September 2009
thats so awesome! woo 1000!!!  clap

i love that piggy lifesaver poster i gotta get me one of those happy
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Earth Earth 1 September 2009
* I'm a vegan
* I write letters against animal cruelty through the animals aus campaign's
* I used to donate money to wspa (but i had to put it off until i find another job).
* I jumped into a creek (fully clothed) to save a baby crow, * I've helped ducklings cross the road safely on a busy street.
* I've inspired a few other people to try vegetarianism.
* Have tamed many starving stray cats.
* Catch mice humanely and take them to a place where they wont bother anyone.
* Convinced my family to buy free range eggs.

Absolutely lurveeeeee the posters, especially the chicken
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Lea Lea 1 September 2009
Kicking arse in the ways that are possible for me. Converting my school to free range egg users...being vego and convincing my mates to be aswell...doing petitons at school to save the animals...refusing to wear leather or other animal products and having my own blog on which I post anything and everything about animals, vego-ness and how to help out!
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Gadget Gadget 1 September 2009
my whole family is vegetarian so I wont offend any family members by putting it up in my room! Yay
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ckimana ckimana 1 September 2009
Oh! Georgie gets my vote too. A vegan medical student dance
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ckimana ckimana 1 September 2009
I'd love that Kicking Ass Chicken poster so I can display it in our waiting room! I love corrupting omni innocents!!!

I'm not creative by any means, but I'm one hot puss!  tongue
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Simo Simo 1 September 2009
I'm a vegetarian and soon moving on to Vegan-ism =D I'm slowly getting there to converting my boyfriend, even though he's a damn picky eater anyway and doesn't drink milk ^-^ Also I try to help out as much as I can by signing petitions and sending on info to my mates about rallies and what not [would do more if I didn't have to worry about end of Yr 12; so hoorah for next year!!] and I'm planning on doing a course of some sort [not completely sure yet] that can get me into a better position to raise awareness about all the abuse in factory farming, etc =3
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izzybella izzybella 1 September 2009
Well i cant say my list of kiss arsness is necessarily big but...

-I have been a proud and healthy vegan (confound the protien myth!!) since march and vegetarian for three years
-Helped out at stalls
-Helped out at VnV by folding tens of thousands of flyers (slight exaggeration)
-Attended my first rally at the Jumps race (and really enjoyed the booing at people entering- thumb )
-Have been helping out at the farm sanctuary, Edgar's Mission, love that place, Pam is a true hero clap
-Have told my friends on numerous occasions how crule dairy & meat is
-Never ever wear leather and refuse to sit on my fiends couch if it is, and fur, don't even get my started on fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!furious
- wear Vegan Wear shoes to school and had a huge debate with my teacher for wearing canvas shoes before i had them rolleyes
- Generally annoy people and rub it in their face just with my presence  banana
Oh and by the way, well done Georgie! people really need to know how horribel meatdairy is for the health and its great your in the medical sytem and informing upcoming doctors aswell as paients, actually on that note,
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Aimee Aimee 1 September 2009
^^ not an actual entry. But I just want to express how happy I am that Unleashed finally has some posters  ecstatic
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Tracy3 Tracy3 1 September 2009
Hi, I'm Tracy, and I rescue dogs. I have 10 of them, all from horrendous circumstances. My mission, apart from helping animals, is to keep educating people about how to care for the creatures we share this planet with. There is no excuse for cruelty or neglect in any form. To really kick ass, my goal is to have a big property, where the animals from domestic violence situations, deaths, abuse and neglect, can live out their lives in comfort and security. Paws crossed, this will happen.
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d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 1 September 2009
Me and my friend just had a capmaigne/contest to see who colud stay vegitarian the longest. She stopped at 7months and I stopped at 8, I am restarting the vego life style and hope she does too.

I recently got my stickers and the flyers I have put the flyers up over my town and I have people asking me for the website and stuff.

I also created a survey and handed out a bulk amount of them and people enter them to win stuff like vouchers, with every survey there is an Animal Cruelty brochure that I made and the Survey isabout what they think of Animal Cruelty.

My friends think I'm crazy, oh well. Guess I'm just to kick-ass for them!

Nicole, A.K.A Julezz
love peace bee chick butterfly cow dog frog kitty monkey orcawhale paw pig rabbit wave turtle
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tia-lee tia-lee 1 September 2009
i volunteer every week at the RSPCA to help animals that dont have homes. i help our local wildlife rescue. im a photography student and often take photographs to raise awarness of cruelty to animals. i tell friends and family about animals, i often write to the newspaper about animal cruelty, i refused to cut up a dead rat in biology and wouldnt cut up the sheep brain either, i did a petition at school and did a talk to my class about the cruelty of animals in ciruses (and shocked everyone with how they were treated), im planning on doing a certificate in animal control and regulation to become a animal cruelty investigator or inspector, when i finish year 12, so that i can save and help abused animals, i work at a supermarket and kindly tell people that come through with caged eggs the pain that these chickens suffer.
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MariLyns Mello. MariLyns Mello. 1 September 2009
I have now turned to of my friends into Vegetarians!!!! ecstatic Those posters are sweeeeet! I basically tell everyone how sad and cruel it is what happens to these animals. Say no to fur and meat!!!
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lauren71 lauren71 1 September 2009
i am also veg, and use no animal products for any other purpose happy
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peter4114 peter4114 1 September 2009
Keep kicking ass for the animals! that's just so sweet
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claudie claudie 1 September 2009
How awsome!
I'm kickin ass for the animals by promoting vegetarianism in my class and starting up the cage free campus initiative with a bunch of friends. It's not much but I try and I believe thats the most important things you can do.
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- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 1 September 2009
Im kicking ass by drawing kick ass pictures about kicking ass for the animals! ecstatic

(the funny thing about this is, the spelling off 'ass' is actually how its spelt in regard to a donkey, rather than 'arse' so kicking a donkey for the animals seems redundant xD )
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x.Tara x.Tara 1 September 2009
So I don't have a massive resume of kick-ass-ness but...
I can tell you that on the way home, even if it's 3 in the morning, I will get out of the car and make sure no pet is left astrayed.
Whenever it's up to me to cook I always sneak in mock meat instead of the real deal.
I shove every leather item I see at the back of the rack, where no one can see to buy them.
I 'mistakingly' leave pamphlets about the horros of factory farming around.
And, in a family with a history of meat-loving-ness, I remain faithful to my veggies.
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lauren71 lauren71 1 September 2009
my name is lauren swinfield,
and i am a member of every animals australia and Unleashed action group and have done every action since
i joined. i have written letters to my local mp, minister of agriculture forestry and fishing, Kevin Rudd
and other members of parliament (both in australia, and other countries)  on many different issues of cruelty, but mostly  on the topic of live animal exports,whaling, seal culling and asian countries treatment of animals for food.

i have received replies from Kevin Rudd mostly and have not accepted his responses so  have kept writing.
i have also written to large supermarket and fast food chains outlining the cruel practices that go on
behind their products.

i have also done work for several organsations (obviously animals aust. is my fave) and have attended protests and demostrations, as well as oranising my own. i have been raising money for animals australia for a few years now, and am planning on doing more.

i believe on standing up for what you believe in, and not resting until you have gotten your way. (my way of saying i am kicking ass for the animals!!!)

megaphone thumb
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I kick ass for the animals because....
Ive stuck to my guns.. been a vegetarian all year
Started campaigns at school.. got my action pack and got some petitions signed
I dont wear leather/fur
I like to draw and paint and i put many of my animal paintings up for sale in my mums shop
I promote animal welfare and like to make a print whereever i go happy
Ive signed up for vet work experiance which is exciting for these up coming holidays happy
My family are not vegetarians but i have persuaded them to buy animal friendly products or mock meats
We dont buy tested on animal products
Both of my pets.. my horse and my cat are adopted and helped from hard lives
My lifes pretty much dedicated to my animals and when im older i want to run an animal adoption centre where i take in all animals in need and help them get their lives up and running again and find them a nice and caring home.
My friends all know me as the 'animal freak' hahaha.

thanks guys xxxxxxxx
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Brooke Brooke 1 September 2009
Thats awesome.
I kick ass for animals by: signing every animal rights petition I see, being vegetarian and encouraging others to join me, I have joined almost every animal organisation I have ever heard of, teeaching others about the creulty behind lab doors and treating all animals with respect.
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tofupower tofupower 1 September 2009
im no good at writing these things, especially when everyone else is working just as hard as I am to kick ass for animals.
so i think ill just buy some posters, its a win-win situation - I can be lazy and avoid the question and Animals Australia will recieve valuable money! ecstatic
goodluck all! try not to kick each others' butts for the prize =P
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Talzzzzieee Talzzzzieee 1 September 2009
im kicking ass for the animals by being vegetarian. half of my friends have turned vego thanks to my advice, and i help educate people about animal cruelty - im hopeing to start a group at school. happy

i am also apart of animal liberation and i volenteer with them happy
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sweetchillitofu sweetchillitofu 1 September 2009
I kick ass because......

- I have been vegan for almost 4 years
- Own a sweet vegan jumper and wear it everywhere proudly
- Have a "vegan forever" tattooed on my wrist, now that's commitment!
- I've taken care of animals since i was little
- I always knew animal cruelty was wrong
- Since i was 13 i signed petitions and signed up for any animal organization i've come across.
- I'm always cooking vegan goodies and giving them to all my friends (slowly convincing them to go vegan haha)
- When i went to school i handed out flyers and posters about animal cruelty and why its wrong
- Made my school canteen have better options for vegetarians, even vegans.
- I have convinced so many people to go veg and vegan
- I will be vegan forever.
- I honestly don't care if i win this or not, i'm not trying to impress anybody, just stating what i do/have done for animals
- I just love animals with a passion.

peace_out chick
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samantha.s samantha.s 1 September 2009
I kick ass for animals by not eating them (or their by products) and not wearing them!

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Georgie Georgie 1 September 2009
I kick as for the animals by being a vegan medical student. Not only do I inform my fellow students (who will be your doctors in 2 years time) about the benefits of veganism, but in every patient I see recommend going vegan for legitimate health reasons, saving not only the health budget but our fellow creatures on this earth.
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Nick Quelou Nick Quelou 2 September 2009
U clap
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Christie Christie 2 September 2009
to be short and sweet...
i promote the VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE my cafe sells whenever people come in. and its sooooo darn good. chocolatey heaven! as an added bonus we now have dark chocolate coated coffee beans (amongst the milk ones) that all vegan friendsi can gorge their sweet tooth on as well   happy
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tricia tricia 2 September 2009
I'm always telling my friends about how badly animals  treated and how horrible pple can b towards those who cant fight or speak for them  self's, and it payed off 4 of my friends have now decided to b vegetarian like myself and my friends who didnt buy free range eggs all do now,  its not much but one person at time and we can change the world. iv also managed to get one of my friends to volunteer at the rspca wid me.
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Lauren Lauren 2 September 2009
i kick ass for the animals because i have been vege for 3 years and even converted my family to not eat meat too.
ive given out leaflets out in the city about animal cruelty and dont petitions for animals australia, ive made my own top about animal cruelty and i wear it ecstatic i make vegan cakes and cupcakes for my friends, i tell people about the animal products that they are eating and the cruelty behind it happy and just coz i love animals ecstatic aha.
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Naomi Naomi 2 September 2009
I kick ass for animals because if I see anyone treating an animal cruelly I'll put my vegan morals aside for a second, and literally go Kung Fu on their ass.  Nah jokes, violence is wrong, but I will still do everything in my power to end cruelty for another living creature.

Right now I'm going to try and start a pro enviro-animal club at school and this poster would be great for our headquarters!

What's that??...My critter senses are tingling.... I'm needed!.. *rips of shirt revealing furry superhero geddup*......

To the crittermobile!
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Sab Sab 2 September 2009
I can't beat these good people but...
I've been a vegetarian about 2 yrs ago for 2 yrs and now I opened my eyes again and see during my travels through Oz, NZ and China.
Oz and NZ are ok but China...

I made some pics to put on the internet and send it via mail to all the people i know.

Hopefully, they will open their eyes...
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ruby rose ruby rose 3 September 2009
those posters are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lookatme beaverhug bee butterfly chick cow dog dove fish frog kitty ladybug monkey orcawhale paw pig rabbit snail spider starfish turtle wave
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Louise Louise 3 September 2009
How i kick ass for the animals:
i have been vegetarian for this year and although im not vegan, i eat my fair share of tofu and facon.
i have also saved hens from the chook/egg farm across the road and given them a better life.
i am also a part of RSPCA as an Adoptions Officer.  With the RSPCA, i also go to events like the EKKA where we set up the EMU van which enlightens people.  It is a huge hit with the kids as they get to do things like feel how hot it is for a dog if you leave them in the car, and they get into a cage to see what it would be like for a battery hen, and they also get to play vet and scan for microchips in stuffed toys.
I also organize rubbish walks in my local community and i absolutely hate litterers.  when i see people throwing litter out the car window it makes me so mad that i get tears in my eyes.  and i am not a crier!  
I have also printed posters from unleashed and stuck them all around uni and at the local stores near where i live happy and ofcourse i have unleashed stickers stuck everywhere! i am known for my battle for the animals at uni and with my friends happy and i love it!
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Jen Jen 3 September 2009
ooh how have I been kicking ass? lol
[wow no way can I compete with these amazing people]
Well I'm Vegan for one (yay!)
I've been educating a lot of people & doing it in a nice way (I know what it's like to be yelled at... not very effective because people tend to rebel otherwise...)
I've been part of animal protests (been very fun & hopefully life changing). Been spreading word (on most of my profiles) about it through the net as well... hopefully anyone will take notice and read these veg sites... managed to open peoples eyes & change my sis vegetarian! (wow... never though that'd work! xD) & managed to convince my mum to stop buying meat which is a miracle because she comes from a STRONG meat eating background (though she does eat it from time to time)

Although i do have a tendency to cry about this sort of stuff most of the time.  I've seen some horrible things >.< & not just in pictures!
But I believe we can make it!  laugh
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BenJaMiN BenJaMiN 4 September 2009
Pritty much am vegaterian, care so much for animals! sad and i myself what to contact t.v news stations such as 60 minutes ect. im willing to take it that far to expose these terrible videos
via Unleashed

abby. abby. 5 September 2009
i kick ass for the animals by not wearing them, using products tested on them, and not eating them. i'm a member of most animal rights/welfare organisations in australia, and volunteer at the rspca. i encourage everyone i know to do the same, and have recently got caged eggs banned at my school =]
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Teweesa! Teweesa! 5 September 2009
I think we all kick ass for animals just by being aware. Ignorance is killing our planet.

I love the 'kicking ass' poster. I've got the little sticker version on my phone (cause all my friends like to play with my phone so they all get to see it) and my boyfriend's mother put one on her car.
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 5 September 2009
I've been kicking ass for the animals. I am a member of PETA's street team, I don't eat animals, wear them or condone those who do. I've convinced family members and friends to take up the cause, going veg and rejecting fur and leather. I've convinced family members and friends t watch Peta's Meet your Meat, and vocalised my opinion of animal disections at university.
Congratulations Unleashed on 1000 members, heres to the next 1000!
via Unleashed

Sir Leila Sir Leila 7 September 2009
well... i kick ass for animals by:

-being a vegaterian and telling others to be ( i really really wonna be a vegan but mum thinks it bad for me  rolleyes cry )

-me and my friends are doing a raffle and giveing the money to help stop animal cruelty if all gos well we can donate 367.50!!

-i right lettes to people and tell them to stop animal cruelty!

-i mack home made posters and pot them up (kicking ass for animals posters!!)

furious furious furious furious furious furious furious furious
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AlanaRama AlanaRama 11 September 2009
i kick a** because im vegetarian, and have been for longer thn a year rather then 'a few months' and i am NOT one of the 'vegetarians' that eat fish/ seafood because nobody should eat any kind of creature, big or small.

i have a pet cat named billy who i love and pamper because i treat every animal like royalty! so he's spoilt!! ecstatic

i join every animal organisation that helps to prevent animal cruelty because i need to be informed of events occuring that involve animal cruelty so i can do my part to prevent it!

i have saved numerous animal lives over the years which includes animals like baby birds, dogs, cats and even little spiders and bugs that are inside a home happy

i am known around school for putting animal rights out there to everyone i know and never back down in arguements on why we "should eat meat!"
Even for an assignment for school, we had to create our own speech on anything that we were passionate about and i chose preventing animal cruelty. I spoke about the mistreatment of animals in numerous testing facilities and in slaughter houses which made people gasp and approach me afterwards telling me that they now are considering to be vegetarian.

i may not be able to change the world, but i do my best and keep at it with determination. I have completed all of my missions from Animals Australia Unleashed and will continue to do each and every single one because if there is any way to support an innocent creature from being slaughtered or tortured, i will do all that i can to stop it.

Alana Tomlin
via Unleashed

EliB EliB 16 September 2009
Hmmm, i'm so inspired by the younger gen on this site.  I see reflections of my younger self however now you are more politically aware.  

I have been doing what I do for so long now it's not really anything special to me it's just my personality. Yes i'm vegetarian since 11 yrs old, all my many animals are rescued, i advocate (strongly) for the rights of animals and always have.  

But this is where I believe we truly Kick Ass.  When WE come together and become a strong voice.  It doesn't sound frantic, irrational or emotional.  When WE act together WE are stronger and we will be heard. megaphone
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 26 September 2009
kicking ass for the animals is what i do
via Unleashed

DimSim DimSim 30 September 2009
im not gunna brag or say i do stuff that i dnt i just try my hardest to spread the word and ive gotten alot of my mates involed so i think im kicking ass atm
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 30 December 2009
Every Second weekend Me and My Friends mainley Thomas and Alexis etc.. we go into the city and Leaflet.

Me being the vegan/vegetarian and knowing the info they always direct the questions to me.

We always sucseed in handing out a bunch of them (we take 75 a week so we can keep count) and when we do our round of checking if there are any that have been dropped or unwanted and we usually never find any.

Last night and alot more other times my friends have joined (add L_Unit she joined last night) and she is now going off meat. slowly. but she will.

Peace and Lovee
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ecochick ecochick 20 January 2010
I've been kicking-ass for animals by starting a petition to raise awareness about palm oil (kills wildlife in Borneo etc.) in products monkey. I've also changed all my cosmetics to cruelty free rabbit and convinced some of my friends to do the same. I do meatless mondays, banana only because i've been brought up a meat-eater, baby steps. plus i'm generally doing other little things, as well as my animal rescue!
Leah love
via Unleashed

Animals Angel Animals Angel 28 January 2010
Lol happy I love  the 3 new stickers!!  cool  clap  thumb love chick pig cow party
via Unleashed

animal animal 10 March 2010
I am a vegetarian and i photograph animals and i am in the process of making a new pamphlet to show kids and teachers at school! chick
via Unleashed

Jennifer2 Jennifer2 2 April 2010
i help by doing eveything i can i may not be a vegan or vegetarian but it have allways loved animals and give a voice for them
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 1 June 2010
I'm kicking ass by
-full on vegan, trying to educate my family and friends on the issues surrounding eating meat products, just got my cousin to commit to going vege
-attending jumps racing protests in Melbourne
-signing every petition I can get my hands on
-being a member of both Unleashed and Peta2's street teams
-trying to organise animal activism on my uni campus.
It's not much, and it's not very creative, but it's a start
via Unleashed

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 5 June 2010
I kick ass for the animals by:
love Being vegan.
love Making delicious vegan foods, taking a photo and sharing on facebook with all my friends (including meat-eaters). I've changed many views of vegan food, most people never knew you could eat chocolate cake, and thought we lived on lentils! Also making vegan food for meat-eating friends and family. This gives them the opportunity to try it, and also, for THAT meal they are not consuming meat, eggs or dairy. Every bit helps.
love Supporting animal rights charities such as Animals Australia, PETA, Animal Liberation, and being a member of the Animal Justice Party of Australia.
love Sending emails to MPs, companies and being active with animal rights issues.
love Being informed about the issues so I can tackle any question and inform anyone willing to listen!
love Supporting vegetarian and vegan businesses and restaurants.
love Going letterbox dropping, delivering leaflets about caged eggs and factory farming.
love Wearing clothes with vegan slogans, having bumper stickers on my car and having badges on my bag, all the raise awareness of the cruelty and suffering animals go through.
love Making a facebook page about veganism, giving information about nutrition, how to be an activist, hidden animal ingredients on products, information about all of the industries involved in using animals, links, recipes, pictures and videos.
via Unleashed

Animallover90 Animallover90 20 July 2010
I have been buying from RSPCA and Guide Dogs from when I was little. I rescued animals like my cats -huggles cats- and I don't eat any meat! I don't wear any fur and I tell all my friends about things they need to do to stop animal cruelty and beg them not to eat meat or wear fur. I also support PETA, Animals Australia and loads more of animals charities no matter what anyone says
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 7 August 2010
i have been writing to Mcdonalds and saying stop hurting the chickens!
AND soon i am going to write to KFC!
now i know never eat meat! chick chick broccoli clap clap angry ashamed megaphone
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 9 August 2010
nice!!!! banana broccoli party banana broccoli party banana broccoli party banana broccoli party
via Unleashed

Amy.Lou.x Amy.Lou.x 10 September 2010
Gee! I realy want one of those posters...i love the chicken one!!
I remeber when i was little I lived in Africa and saw some boys tormenting a hatchling in a nest on a low hanging branch...I immediately screamed and started punching them and ran off to tell my FEARSOME DAD!! (He has a big voice!) He lectured them and they left by the sound of me blowing a raspberry!! Mum looked after the birds and we protected the tree till we saw more birds coming in!!

No Im Not A vegan Sorrrrryyyyy !!! But I believe God gave us meat to eat (Im Christian)

Everytime I See Stray animals i immediately pink em up and go about knock on doors and making posters while the animal sleeps on MY BED IN my room !! love

Im Only 12 So Im not allowed to buy stuff off the internet so  hope i can get a free one and show off my beautiful glossy protest poster !
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