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Kick-Ass Poster Winners!

Kick-Ass Poster Winners!

Posted 22 September 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: giveaway, posters, merch

After much deliberation, the winners of the new Unleashed poster comp have been decided. With so many awesome entries it was impossible for us to pick just one winner.

So we didn't!

A drum roll please...

Congrats to Georgie for setting a stellar example to other med students and future patients of how to live a healthy and cruelty free life. And a big 'hoorah!' to nAoMi for her kick ass creativity! We admire any (super)hero for the animals who dresses for the occasion :-P Not to mention the fact we think this poster will look hot in your environmental/animal club headquarters.

All of the entries would have made worthy winners. So if you didn't win, you don't need to miss out. Why not reward yourself with a set of all 3 of our shiny new posters from the Unleashed shop.

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- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 22 September 2009
grats you guys! ^____^
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 22 September 2009
*sniffle* Im a loser. LOL. Jokes. (but really I am)
via Unleashed

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop 22 September 2009
gratz.. kinda wish i entered now.
via Unleashed

jack jack 22 September 2009
2 anyone who didnt win
i bought them the other day and they are well worth the money
i love them happy
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 22 September 2009
Thanks for the plug Jack wink
via Unleashed

booie11 booie11 23 September 2009
go animals i busted a pearsom for throuing a dead cat on the road
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 25 September 2009
grats you guys ^_^
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 28 September 2009
Congrats! Imma have go and buy some of the posters now, but I bet they're worth it.
via Unleashed

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! 16 October 2009
bought all three other day. well worth the cash,
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
congratulations - i think i spelt that right
via Unleashed


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