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If Eggs Came From Vending Machines...

If Eggs Came From Vending Machines...

Posted 12 October 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: eggs, chickens, posters, Donn Pattendon

You may remember a couple of months ago I posted an illustration by Donn Pattendon of a dairy cow drinking Australia dry. This last week Donn sent through yet another stellar illustration and I just had to share. This time he's set his sights on battery eggs. And well it really speaks for itself...

Once again, Donn's illustration is spot on. With less than the area of an A4 piece of paper to live in battery hens really are treated like little more than vending machines. You may notice there are even a few dead male chicks swept under the machine.

I can't wait to see what Donn comes up with next!

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Lea Lea 12 October 2009
This guy is great! He has creative and witty ways of portraying the truth behind animal cruelty happy
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 12 October 2009
What a fantastic way to use his artistic talent..its put to such great use..

I wish i could come up with ideas like that >_<
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 12 October 2009
16 from the top would be me if I was in there.

Thats an awesome illustration!!!!!
via Unleashed

littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 14 October 2009
thumb clap
that's soooooo cool!
via Unleashed

Donn Donn 15 October 2009
Thanks everyone. ecstatic You can also check out some of my other work here:
via Unleashed

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop 16 October 2009
thats brilliant.
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 19 October 2009
wow thats a really good picture...the male chicks under it really add to the message (sad though)
via Unleashed

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me 19 October 2009
good job
via Unleashed

because it is like they are in a vending machine they are so tightly packed, but in japan everything is in vending machines i havent been there but i no a person who has she says there ARE acctully eggs in vending machines peace
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
thats an awesome drawing even if it's sad.
it shows how chickens are really treated in battery farms.
in tiny cages so the can barely move.
via Unleashed


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