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The Show is Over in Portugal
Posted By Jeroen

The Show is Over in Portugal

Posted 22 October 2009   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: exotic animals, animal circuses, Portugal, entertainment, victory

Don't you just love culture! It brings the best out of humans. Bullfighting, horse racing, rodeos, fox hunting, pig wrestling, bear baiting, anything goes as long as it is 'culture'!

Another well preserved cultural form of animal cruelty is the animal circus. Ever been to one? I have many times (for work) and it breaks my heart every time to see the animals living in such disgraceful conditions. Elephants chained by two legs most of the day, standing in their own excrement; lions, tigers, monkeys locked in cages where they can do nothing more than walk a few steps.

But this cruel excuse for 'entertainment' is increasingly becoming banned around the world and the latest country to show some progressive thinking is ... Portugal. ... huh? The same Portugal where they still love their bullfights? Yes, that Portugal! After long running campaigns such as this brilliant advertising campaign (see bottom this blog for more of the ads), the Portuguese Prime Minister last week signed a law which immediately bans the use of great apes in circuses and makes it illegal for circuses to breed their exotic animals or acquire new ones. This in effect means that exotic animals in circuses will soon be history in Portugal. Way to go Premiero Ministro!

That might leave you wondering: What's happening in Australia? Well, some councils have finally introduced bans on exotic animal circuses. But state and federal governments are still stuck in the middle ages. In fact, they even promote them on their website, saying: "Australia is a world leader in the care of circus animals". I can assure you the world would be in a pretty sad state if all animals were treated as 'well' as Australian circus animals!

If you've got a moment to spare, you might like to write to your local council, or your local MP to urge them to follow Portugal's compassionate lead and ban animal circuses.

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Aweso_ me Aweso_ me 22 October 2009
yes ban animal circuses
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 23 October 2009
go Portugal! just hope australia will soon follow in its footsteps  
its sad how some people consider animal cruelty 'sport'
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
the only circus i've been to was circus oz and it didnt have animals.
i'd never go to an animals circus.
good on you, you just have to ban bullfights.
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 26 October 2009
Go portugal!
Well my territory (ACT) has banned it, but sadly people from here just go over to NSW to see an exotic animal circus >sad .
via Unleashed

Space Cadet Space Cadet 3 November 2009
Oh that's good! I hope Other countries follow Portugal's lead, Australia definitely. The use of exotic animals is immoral, inhumane and completely unnecessary. Clearly, lions do not jump through hoops in the wild.
via Unleashed

Cait Cait 24 November 2009
I wish australia would hurry up and do the same!
via Unleashed

jessika jessika 15 December 2009
via Unleashed


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